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  1. So, the VX42 did not work as the date ring of the 7N42 does not fit in there. I need to swap the disks due to a different colouring. If you are not swapping the date disks, the movement swap would probably work. So, I will be patiently waiting for Cousins to receive the movements...hopefully.
  2. Thank you all for the discussion, I will try ordering the VX42 as the price is ok for giving it a go. And yes the reason for this original question was the fact that the exact replacement is out of stock with not much visibility on the restock date. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I am dealing with quartz Seiko 7N42 movement which I want to replace, but can't find any stock with the suppliers. Would you know about any suitable replacements for this one? The dimensions are: Size Ø25.60mm (11½’” Ligne) Height 2.90mm Hour, Minute & Centre Seconds Date @ 3h Battery 371 Hands Min .65, Hr 1.10, Sec .2 Thanks,
  4. Hi, I am working on Breitling with Dubois Depraz chronograph module. Is there any technical documentation in terms of lubrication and assembly? I am looking at Mark's videos which are great but was wondering if there is something I could actually print out. Thanks!
  5. I think he made 3186, there is a different system for the GMT hour forwarding and that is the main part I am interested in...
  6. Hi all, any tech oiling guide for Rolex 3185? It is a GMT movement. I am mostly interested of the oiling guide for the GMT jumper... Thanks.
  7. Hi, would anyone please have a technical sheet for lubrication of Rolex 2135? It is a small ladies Datejust. Many thanks!
  8. Hi, would anyone please know what quartz movement am I probably going to find in ladies TAG Heuer Professional 200? Just checking for research on parts or replacement movement. Thanks!
  9. SOrry Peterburke340, this did not come through if you wanted to attach a document.
  10. Hi all, is there any good source of Rolex service sheets? I am especially interested in GMT movements like 3186. Thanks!
  11. thanks, I also founds this. Rolex 3035 and Rolex 3055 oiling service sheet 3035-3055-Tech.pdf
  12. actually the cal must be 3055 as it is an old day-date with only date rapid change. still looking for service advice and ideally manual link. Thanks!
  13. Hi, Rolex Day Date landed on my bench and I can't find any service sheets online. Would someone be able to help please? The calibre says 3035 Thanks!
  14. Would you say this is a correct end of a mainspring for 613 movement? Seems broken but not sure how it’s suppose to look like.thanks
  15. @JohnR725, thanks this is brilliant. I am guessing that the smaller ladies 2235 movement is fairly similar to this one? thanks
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