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  1. The screwdrivers seem to be too big. This particular broken screw is 0.75mm and the smallest driver is 1.1mm http://www.moodytools.com/Moody_Tools_Screw_Extractor_and_Screwdriver.pdf
  2. Thanks you all for the various tips. I will try them
  3. Hi, I managed to brake a screw which is holding the movement in the case. Now, I don't really want to buy the dedicated Burgeon remover (~ £70), are there other ways to get it out? The screwhead went completely off so I am left with just the shaft of the screw deep inside the hole. I found these precision screw extraction drivers. Anyone has any experience with these? Are they small enough? https://eustore.ifixit.com/en/Tools/Drivers-Wrenches/Precision-Screw-Extractor-Set.html?cur=1&utm_source=google&utm_medium=mc&utm_campaign=gshopping&gclid=CjwKCAjw39reBRBJEiwAO1m0OaeDhACGsOqhgZnLzupVcHbStZSTnsmvOMKcmOgg7A1dAOpEmdIvCRoCoWwQAvD_BwE Thank you for any tips for other tools or techniques.
  4. IFELL

    Repairing in the UK

    I'm repairing in Cardiff... We may be in a simulated reality but I don't feel as a clone
  5. IFELL

    ELMA cleaning basket

    Sorry I am not from the US, what is Lititz? COuld you please post a link? Thanks.
  6. IFELL

    ELMA cleaning basket

    yes Elma. The basket mount is its standard of 64mm in diameter.
  7. Hello, I have recently bought an older ELMA watch cleaning machine which has a mounting prepared for the mesh basket module. Looking at Cousins or similar shops (even ebay), the brand new 64mm baskets+cage is quite expensive add-on, considering the bargain price of £128 for the whole machine. Now, is there a chance someone here has a spare basket? or do you think it is worth to wait and scan ebay for any old basket rather than buying the ~£100 new one? Thank you for any advice.
  8. IFELL

    Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Hi, I have recently bought this old Elma watch cleaning machine. It has the movement holder fitted and I do have a holder for the set of baskets, but I am missing the baskets. Any good idea where to find those? Obviously I don't want to pay ~150£ for Elma brand new... thanks,
  9. IFELL

    Lose pivot on chronograph hand

    Yes the first one, hand detached from tube...
  10. Hi all, as I was servicing a chronograph movement Landeron 248, when removing the hands the chronograph seconds hand popped into two pieces (shaft and the hand). I was able to put the hand onto the shaft, but now the diameter of the shaft is a bit smaller so the hand slips and turnes on the shaft if I hold it in tweezers and blow air on it. What is the way to fix it? I do not have a staking set and I am thinking about broaches, but not sure if cutting or smoothing broaches would do the trick. Please help. Thanks.
  11. by donor you mean a broken 1070 lets say from ebay? yes cannon pinion+minute wheel is £50
  12. oh yeah thanks, I haven't noticed it before, there is actually a tiny tiny number 1070, thanks also to rogart63 for confirming this.
  13. Hi all, I am servicing this vintage Omega ladies watch with cal. 511.0452 (cal number engraved at the inner case-back) and following problem occurred: There was initially no problem with the watch (dirt, not serviced for looong time) but after clean and reassembly the hand setting was a bit hard. This ended up in a bit of a jump when turned harder. When I opened the movement again (and removed the dial), I realised that the minute wheel lost about 1/3 of its teeth. Now my concerns: - What caused this? Is it possible that when I removed the cannon pinion I actually tightened it by accident? Or could it be insufficient lubrication between the center wheel and the cannon pinion? - Where do I get replacement parts for this tiny movement? (Cousins doesn't seem to have anything with number 511.0452) - When I search for the parts, can I just stick to the 511 or do I have to match the part for 511.0452? I did a little exercise and removed/relubricated the cannon pinion and center wheel and now there I can turn the cannon pinion with tweezers (still too tough but much better). Pics follow, thanks for your help.
  14. IFELL

    ETA 2782 problem

    Thanks yes the time setting is pretty smooth. Fortunately this is 2.2mm so I will order from Cousins. Thank you all for the inputs Much appreciated.
  15. IFELL

    ETA 2782 problem

    Thanks for this input. I'm pretty sure that it is moving as it should but will make another test before purchasing the new part.