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  1. Very helpful, thank you. With this info I can go to a local parts house and get the part needed for much less than on line. This forum is so useful..... Steve
  2. HELP! As I went to change the battery on my sister's Movado 976.001 movement the copper battery holder went flying way. Ladies Museum Quartz watch but I know this is a rather common movement Any ideas for where I can purchase a replacement batter holder? It is the small piece you remove to replace battery thanks in advance! Steve
  3. so when I go to referenced website, there are a zillion choices for material of O ring....can you be more specific?
  4. thanks all...I guess I am a bit of a snob as I was trained to use genuine parts whenever possible. But you are all right and a generic gasket will work well. I have ordered a set of various sizes hoping one will fit.
  5. I am replacing battery on my wife's lovely Ebel ladies wave and the gasket on the bezel is shot. Model # 1157111 My Dad was the Ebel service agency in Phila but he is gone and I'm stuck looking for a new gasket. Ideas on source for gasket or even part number? thx Steve
  6. Hi all -- this thread helped me avoid a major foo-pah! I got the stem out without issue thanks to you all! BUT....my movement seems to be "stuck" in the case. I removed what appear to be two case screws and the stem of course. Shouldn't the movement just fall out of the case at this point? and BTW....seem to have lost a case screw ... any idea of the best replacement source?
  7. Actually my grandfather did use this!!!! Of course that was 1930s into the 1950's......but there is no rust and little dust so perhaps my Dad did use it when I wasn't looking!
  8. nice photos of this lathe -- wishing there was a video demonstration of making a gear with it!!!!
  9. found this very cool antique lathe in my Father's stuff...he and his father ran a large watch repair shop in Phila since 1929.....wondering what I should do with it...ideas?
  10. mine is old and seems to have a typrewriter style ribbon....but I see on line manual that says paper is pressure sensitive... Mine makes noises but not printing...ribbon old and dry... Only replacement I saw was $50.00.....ubsurd...any ideas for me? Steve
  11. JDM -- your advice saved the day. I bought a small plastic pin press off e-bay for $5.00. It is injection molded cheapo thing but it worked great!!!! I had struggled so without it and with it I went 4 for 4. I do like this forum and all the great advice out there!!!! Thanks!!!! Steve
  12. thanks guys....I did use a 0.8 mm bracelet punch and small hammer to try and get the pins out...as I said -- 1 of 4 went smoothly. Brand new band so no corrosion.... I will need to research plastic pin press.... Where can I find replacement pins for Omega 1171 ?
  13. I bit the bullet and purchased a brand new Omega 1171/633 bracelet for my son's inherited moon watch. I've seen videos on sizing the band and they tend to involve a lot of cursing! The English one is my favorite as the speaker uses the F word but makes it sound so good! Well...I tried to size the thing and I understand the F word when it relates to the pins you need to knock out. One of four was removed nicely. The other three seem to buckle as I tried to beat them out with a small punch. I've wrestled two of the three out.....only damaging the spare part of the band slightly. I have 1 more to go.... Looking for advice or what the heck the secret might be....these are not screws...they are split pins and I am pishing them per the arrow on the band..... thanks in advance Steve
  14. thanks for all the thoughts...can anyone point me to some photos or figures showing where I need to test with voltmeter?
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