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  1. Galvanic corrosion is caused by self-induced current created by electrical potential of two dissimilar metals in contact with an electrolyte. It can occur when two dissimilar metals (such as copper tube and steel pipe) are connected in the presence of an electrolyte. Traces of water (in combination with ammonia) in the L&R liquid can make it conductive and thus can cause this corrosion. https://mb.nawcc.org/threads/l-r-cleaning-machine.27128/ : L & R No. 3 for rinse. These solutions are NOT COMPATIBLE with water, even in microscopic amounts such as moist fingers. So
  2. The working distance is often too great to work properly on a watch.
  3. you can try to squeeze the pen out and then break off a bit of an equally thick drill bit and squeeze it in
  4. the most accurate is a collet
  5. On my Euromex SB1903 microscoop, WF5 oculars + lens SB8907 0,75x I use this camera with an chip diameter 11.28 mm: KP-2110-05X 21MP 1080P Digital Microscope 60FPS HDMI USB 0.5X With an OMAX Microscope 0.37X Adjustable Reduction Lens this gives the same image as through the ocular
  6. a microscope gives depth to the image and the working posture is better.
  7. thanks, but it is not a real restoration
  8. A dial from a Bulle clock (model XC) looks dirty. Varnish remover does not help. Sanding and resilvering is not possible because the letters are not engraved. Please help, thanks, Kraai
  9. Could it be that an electric current has flowed through the liquid? How long has the rotor been in the liquid? Different metals can also generate electricity and galvanic corrosion.
  10. http://www.aucklandmuseum.com/collection/object/am_humanhistory-object-608581
  11. You don't want to see colored remains in a (skeleton) watch. The advantage of a colored medium is that you see what you have done.
  12. Is it an hanging barrel? (A hanging barrel (also known as a standing barrel or floating barrel) is one whose arbor is supported at the upper end only, being attached to the barrel bridge with no support from the lower plate) Which caliber?
  13. Beware of inhaling the radium dust from the dial and hands. The half-life is 1600 years. In the body it goes into the bones and irradiates the bone marrow all your life. The radon gas that comes out is not really bad, also the direct radiation is not dangerous at a some distance.
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