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  1. Could it be that an electric current has flowed through the liquid? How long has the rotor been in the liquid? Different metals can also generate electricity and galvanic corrosion.
  2. http://www.aucklandmuseum.com/collection/object/am_humanhistory-object-608581
  3. You don't want to see colored remains in a (skeleton) watch. The advantage of a colored medium is that you see what you have done.
  4. Is it an hanging barrel? (A hanging barrel (also known as a standing barrel or floating barrel) is one whose arbor is supported at the upper end only, being attached to the barrel bridge with no support from the lower plate) Which caliber?
  5. Beware of inhaling the radium dust from the dial and hands. The half-life is 1600 years. In the body it goes into the bones and irradiates the bone marrow all your life. The radon gas that comes out is not really bad, also the direct radiation is not dangerous at a some distance.
  6. 7 = https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Hoffman-Tubing-Clamp-Closed-Sided-Hoffman_155929519.html 6 = truing caliper see picture
  7. That's why I try to collect information first and hope that someone on the forum has experience with it. I will take pictures of the disassembly and hope that I can take pictures of the assembly ......
  8. Tudor, thank you for your response. A-P provides no information and no components at all, not even to certified dealers. So every watch is sent and the question is whether it is worth it. That is why I first try to gather as much information as possible and then service it myself. Indeed, the speed can be high for those ruby rollers. Do you think of D5 or other oil? I already have Lubata V105 for the exchange wheels
  9. The rim of the rotor rolls on jewels. Please suggestion which oil could be used for these jewels? Does anyone from the forum have any further information about this caliber (AP2120)?
  10. HI, Does anyone have experience with an AP 2120? In particular which oil should be used on the special roller bearings from the rim of the rotor? This is a link to a beatiful story about this movement: http://www.timezone.com/2002/10/03/the-most-exclusive-automatic-the-vacheron-caliber-1120/
  11. Where did you get the new spring? Years ago on ebay from Argentinia
  12. http://www.hebdomas.net/hebdomas/HEBDOMAS_story.html Thanks for your video, very instructive. I have to service my Hebdomas, even though it runs 8 days with a new spring, but too slow in the beginning of the week and the last days too fast.
  13. The Hebdomas has an short slipspring hooked in the mainspring. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&Orator_101neu
  14. For fixing objects in an engraving block. https://www.amazon.com/ENGRAVING-ATTACHMENTS-Setting-Jewelry-Rubber/dp/B00BLTG0PS
  15. You have to inform yourself well before you reassure people about asbestos. Radium is absorbed into your bones and irradiate permanently the bone marrow so you run a lot of risk on leukemia. Make sure you do not get these substances inside, and clean up all the radium dust well, the half-life is 1600 years!
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