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  1. Richard1888

    Chinese Timegraphers

    Can anyone recommend a beginners timegrapher that is worthwhile? Something in the £100 to £125 range, or cheaper if it is worth buying. Xmas is coming up and I am thinking of suggesting that the family chip in and get me one.
  2. Richard1888

    How to size a spring bar

    Here is a question that I have been unable to find an answer for online. How do you choose the correct size of spring bar for a watch? I have a box of various size spring bars and I have made the mistake of choosing one for a 20mm watch lug that had a barrel that just fit in. You can manage to get this in but it just about impossible to get back out and I had to resort to a pair of cutters to get it back out again. So if you have a particular lug width, how much of that should be the barrel of the spring bar and how much should be left for the springy part? Thanks.
  3. Richard1888

    New member from Scotland

    Hi, I have just gotten into mechanical watches via youtube and follow the channel. My current watches are a Seiko 5 SNK809 that I had to order from the US (why don't we sell affordable mechanicals in the UK any more), an Orient Tri-star that I just picked up on eBay which I love and is keeping even better time than the Seiko, and 3 cheap Roamers from eBay with FHF ST-96 movements that I suspect have been refurbishments from India. I also have a Stuhrling Quartz that is my most expensive watch and also the biggest waste of money. It is far surpassed by the Casio - MW-59-7BVEF - Analogue Quartz that i picked up for £9.99 with free delivery from Italy. Can anyone suggest some lupes worth buying, I have some very cheap ones. I am short-sighted but now have to wear varifocals.