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  1. This tool SUCs!

    Hey, that looks just like it! Did I buy it from you?
  2. In search of a crystal lift, I lost the auctions by a penny each time. This auction I actually won by a penny. The SUC crystal lift. Standard Unbreakable Watch Chrystal, Inc. It looked pretty dirty in the pictures, and arrived as promised.... Can't believe anything with that much dirt was anywhere near a watch. Anyway, cleaned it up and it worked pretty well straight off, removing a Timex crystal. It's a grey Bakelite-like plastic with a knurled knob on top that works a pusher between the fingers. And some numbers written on the side. Nothing I can find on the internet, any comments on function and those mysterious numbers welcome. Bill
  3. How to measure this glass

    The rim looks like it is separate from the case. I tried to lift it away by using a razor to open a gap but it is on tight. You can also see what looks like a white nylon spacer in the case. I don't think that the rim is removable.
  4. How to measure this glass

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I have a similar question. Trying to find the crystal for Bulova marked R320C . I see a reference to it here, but not available:^R320C Here are some pictures. Thanks for any input!
  5. Tissot `Seastar` help please.

    Thanks for the very useful information sstakoff ! I will incorporate this step going forward.
  6. Gothamatic- AS 1250 movement

    And presto: here it is! I used a hand remover/cannon pinion tool; pulled gently and it popped off. I don't know if you can see it in the pics but the winder mechanism was loose. There are marks on the case and weight. Looks like the bridge is held with just two screws. It started ticking when I tightened it up, so looking promising so far!
  7. Gothamatic- AS 1250 movement

    Boy, the response has been great! I am at work in California now. When I get home I will try with the nippers (gently). Thanks to all.
  8. Hello, new poster here but have followed along for quite some time. Among my projects is the service of this watch. It is a bumper movement made by A Schild in the 40's. Apparently this movement was also used by Tudor, so it has a pedigree! First step is to get the case open. This is a one piece 'waterproof" stainless steel piece. Four screws compress the case and crystal against the bezel. Then you are left with the movement and the case. The crown is "split" which means it should separate to remove the movement. It is unclear whether you just pull hard on the crown, or manipulate it so that the link lines up and it just comes apart. I tried yanking gently with no luck. Manipulation did not help either. The pictures are from the auction and other sources. Any ideas? Thanks!