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  1. Thank you guys, I'll check the internet for opportunities and will ask a quote to a watchmaker in parallel !
  2. Thank you for your answer. It is an Orator calibre 18.280. To my knowledge, they do not supply parts anymore. I could of course look for second hand movements, but they are rare and pretty expensive (as of 150 EUR). Actually something very bad happened when I tried to unscrew the ratchet wheel...please see picture. Hence I thought purchasing a compatible modern complete barrel with spring would be a convenient option.
  3. Hi everyone, I would need a new barrel complete for a Orator Precision pocket watch from the 40's. I never had to order such a movement part before, could anyone tell me how/where to select/order this ? Thank you, Cedric.
  4. Hi Paul, You can find Bergeon and Horotec tools (both Swiss) on Ofrei and Esslinger. The German brand Beco (less expensive, yet decent enough to me) can be purchased from: http://www.watch-tool.de/, they also ship to north america. Cheers, Cedric.
  5. Hello Paul, I was pretty much in the same situation when I started this hobby two years ago, so I am certainly no professional. This site helped me a lot: http://www.clockmaker.com.au/diy_seiko_7s26/ This is the best free source of structured information I could find so far, together with Esslinger and Mark's video of course... can't wait for his lessons to start later this month by the way ! I spent some time in Seiko modding, there are tons of sites about it. Thanks to these, I now feel confident enough to invest in more expensive parts in order to assemble my first ETA based watch later this summer. About books, I found most of them too advanced. There is one that provides a great deal of background information about watch assembly: https://www.amazon.com/Beginner-Watchmaking-Build-First-Watch/dp/1456451650 True watchmakers will find this book ridiculously easy and sub-quality, but hey, we all need to start somewhere ! Last but not least, I started with inexpensive Chinese and Indian made tools. Over time I got them replaced by German and Swiss made, as I realized how important the tools quality is in terms of reliability, accuracy, comfort...and therefore learning curve ! Cheers, C├ędric.
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