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  1. There are several online courses you can join were the instructions is via video via YouTube the instruction I free in s kind of search for topic to learn from ie straighten a hair spring or the author instructor , Mark Lovik (I think that’s the name);runs his own sunscribed watch repair, cleaning and other horological knowledge. I think he’s s natural patient Teacher. Whatever it’s worth checking out and you seem enterprising maybe it’d be a good relaxed route back to the more formal learning once you’ve developed more skills and knowledge. Join forums read up online books make friend and continue to ask questions. It not that you failed to get in it’s just they only had enough room for people a bit more prepaired. Good luck eh!
  2. I'm fairly new to horological adventures but a recently retired 72 year old with all the hassles of a shaky hand I didn't know I had and old age dim eye sight. In six months of learning I have removed and replaced two main springs in exactly this method. Whilst the first took a lot of patience to get started, it was thicker than the one demonstrated here, but it actually gets easier towards the end. thanks a lot for those discussions and videos. I owe you a lot. Nearly gave up a few times.
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