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  1. No luck with the pin the screw is solid.
  2. Thanks for the replies I will give it a go
  3. Hi can anyone give me some advice on how to get a broken screw out we’re the rotor attaches without having to replace it which I don’t think I will be able to get any parts for this watch. the watch is a Edward East London automatic BH9098-01 regards Jim
  4. Thanks for all your help finally found it on eBay thanks again ramrod for your offer.
  5. Thanks I will have a look for them cheers
  6. Thanks for all the feed back I will follow up your suggestion
  7. Yes tried them all was hoping someone had similar problem when trying to fit extension when there's a shoulder stopping the stem, I really need a longer thread stem but cannot find anywhere. thanks for reply
  8. I cannot get a stem for my 7005-5020 that is long enough unable to fit extension because the watch case as a shoulder were the stem goes through any ideas.
  9. Thanks for that I'll keep watching the videos
  10. I'm also new to this and to watch repairs, fascinated by Marks videos.I would love to know how do your remember where all the parts go is there a way to remember or is it practice practice practice ?. Jim
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