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  1. You might have got genuine ETA movement but used for Swatch watches. This is identical to 2824 but simplified by using balance running at 21600 bph. This movement is marked 2842.
  2. I looked through several Beregeon distributors. They still have old and new design. Since there is no way to distinguish old from new by part number (they all are 30080), it may happen that when you place the order for few different sizes, you will get mix of old and new. That will be really confusing.
  3. I have ordered recently a couple of Beregeon 30080 screwdrivers from Cousins. To my surprise I found them quite different from those I use from many years. First of all they do not fit to my Bergeon rotating stand. The small ones have now handles of larger diameter. They are also heavier than the former ones. Old design at the left, new design at the right Surprisingly it makes quite a difference in using them, particularly the small ones . It seems that Bergeon has silently redesigned its most popular screwdrivers in order reduce the manufacturing costs. Now there are only three sizes of handles depending on size of blades instead of six in former design. Be aware of that. You need the new stand and time for getting used to this new design.
  4. Just one picture tells more than thousand words. Zbigniew
  5. This pin is for preventing the conical collet from rotating while fixing the reamer with the drowbar. This system is identical to the one seen in watchmakers lathe. You should push this pin inside to get it flush with outer shank surface. The pin must protrude inside of the shank in order to fix the collet. You should have a couple of collets of different diameters in ths set. Zbigniew
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