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  1. The conclusion for this is that the watch will be going elsewhere to be looked after by more experienced hands. Thanks to all for taking the time to offer advice. The conclusion is, I won't be doing any "fiddling" until I've gained some experience so I'll be starting with non-runners to get a better understanding rather than relying on you tube videos. cheers
  2. Yes, I like your sense of humor, it made me laugh. Electron Microscope :-) Yes I rushed in without thinking it through, but at least it's not an expensive watch in the grand scheme of things. Plus I've given my colleague a loan (maybe longer than I thought) replacement but it is very interesting just how small these parts are. I didn't even think about the pivot hole under the balance wheel, I had to refer to the manufacturers guide. Nothing has broken off from what I can see and the spring looks good, however reseating it will need the movement out of the case because I can't see the bottom pivot to align it and getting the roller jewel aligned was also something I hadn't considered so I'm glad you mentioned this. Thinking about the start of this, I think I did push the adjustment lever just a bit too far. It's like 1mm is a mile for a watch movement.
  3. Well, things have taken a turn for the worst. I was adjusting the beat error leaver and then the movement completely stopped. I was trying to get the beat error and rate straightened out but The balance wheel didn't seem to be sitting correctly either. I had no choice but to remove the balance from the watch to see if something looked obviously wrong or at least reseat it. I can see the pivots at the top and bottom of the balance wheel fairly clearly so that doesn't seem to be a problem, although I I'll have to go whole hog and take the movement out of the case. The hair spring looks ok too so it could be interference as you say.
  4. Hi Gents, Attached are some photos of the timegrapher output, I have not tried to amend the rate again yet although I checked the lift amplitude for the 6R15 and should be 53 degrees so I changed that on the timegrapher. This made not difference to the result though. I started dial up and then rotated to dial side with the crown in the up position. As you can see the rate drops significantly by doing this which is beyond any norm. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be posting timegrapher results tomorrow after work. I did suggest to my work colleague that it might be best to sell it "as working" with "timing issues" and then use the proceeds to get a new watch, particularly as a service would be equal to the value of the watch. I think it's been dropped or otherwise damaged so it could be a cracked jewel somewhere along the train so adjusting the rate has probably exacerbated the problem.
  6. Thanks for response, I'll check I'm using the correct sign up process.
  7. Hi, I wanted to get some parts/tools from cousins but when I go to sign up it asks to confirm I'm buying for the trade and the registration process wants a VAT number. I don't have a company and so it seems that I can't use Cousins for this reason. Have anybody bought items from cousins as private individual rather than a company? Cheers James
  8. Thanks for the speedy response John, I'll upload some photos as you have asked when I get the watch on Monday. As far as I know, the watch was purchased in late 2016 or early 2017. I can't be sure but it's fairly new and so it has never been serviced. Do you think it's worth removing the balance cock to check the hair spring?
  9. Hi John/Mike, Thanks for the replies. I think you're right and it wasn't my intention to fully service the watch as it's out of my level of expertise by a long way. Adjusting the timing is one thing but a full disassembly / reassembly is a no go. The watch was bought about 1.5 years ago and right from the beginning wasn't running well (it was slow). This gradually worsened over time up until the point where we are now. It's fair to say I made the situation worst by adjusting the rate, however the amplitude was very low so in my view there is a inherent issue with the escapement affecting the watch timing. The rate isn't consistent and changes wildly in different orientations (by minutes not seconds). Thanks for the service PDF, I'll study that. I have a 6R15c myself in a SARB 65 and the timegrapher results are much different on the amplitude, it's about 230-240 degrees so I know this is a significant problem where I noted the lowest amplitude on the SARB 33 go as low as 122 degrees. I'm getting the watch back on Monday so I'll check the balance assembly further. I'm not planning on taking it apart but inspecting it to see if there is anything there. Regards James
  10. Hi, I'm new here, so hello. I've pretty much no experience of watch repair but I'm a watch fan and have a few in the collection. I've been looking at a timegrapher output for a work colleague for a Sarb 33 where I was advised that the watch shortly after purchase about 1.5 years ago started to lose time. This week I put it on the timegrapher and found the following: 1. Initially -20 sec/day on the rate, 2. very low amplitude which ranged from 120-190, but mainly hovers around 150 3. If I change the orientation from dial up to say dial-side the drop in amplitude and rate is extreme. 4. The lift amplitude is 52 degrees 5. The beat error was good at around 0.2 6. The watch was fully wound I adjusted the rate lever to speed the watch up, however the rate is not constant, I think there is a balance issue, perhaps it's been dropped and the balance staff is bent maybe. In my view currently it's pointless to regulate and the amplitude is so far from normal this needs to be fixed first. Does anybody have a view on this, I did read on some forums issues with 6R15C movements.? Can I get a replacement balance assembly? Any ideas where from? Cheers James
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