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  1. Ah ok, not had chance to take it apart yet so will hopefully reveal the cal when I do. One thing I have noticed is that the balance wheel is loose on the staff. I thought it was a broken pivot but if I move the wheel up and down the staff doesn't move. something I haven't come across before.
  2. Hi all, I got this very old, very small Zodiac 810 recently. I'm struggling to find any info about it, nothing on Ranfft. I'm wondering if it's an AS or ETA in disguise? Joe.
  3. Yes I've ordered from Speedtimerkollektion too. They have lots of Japanese movements and spares. Very good service as well. Anilv, buying from someone in person has to be the best way, traveling and finding those sorts of sellers must be great.
  4. I'm sure that we all use eBay, but where else does everyone get their watches to repair from? It seems to me that the Internet has left the vintage watch world behind, though perhaps there are some websites that aren't so easy to find but have those gems that we are all looking for. I will kick things off with this one http://www.millsys-watch.co.uk i haven't bought from here but they have a watches for projects section and the prices seem ok.
  5. Thanks. Got lucky with this one. It came up as a "buy it now" on eBay for spares or repair for a really good price so I snapped it up. I love it
  6. Interesting. I wonder what the CJ stands for? Had a quick google of it but nothing came up.
  7. Happy to help! Looking forward to seeing what you find. More pics please Out of interest, is your movement signed? Mine has a medallion ( again I think that's what it's called) with make and serial number written in a small circle on top of the movement. The rotor is hiding it on your picture.
  8. I have just repaired a Tissot 2481 with a similar problem. The crown in any position would just alter the time. I found that the clutch lever (I think that's the right part name, I'm still learning) had popped out of the pinion which was sat in the setting position. I just had to reassemble the keyless works and it's fine. I didn't take any other pictures but you can see here the lever out of place. Joe.
  9. Thanks. It is a nice movement, has a good weight to it and looks like it's been looked after too. It needs the case cleaning so may do the crown and stem in the ultrasonic too just in case there is any dirt building up. It still needs new glass and a gasket. I've also noticed that it doesn't have a signed crown. I'm sure that it should.
  10. I'm wearing my latest purchase today. A Tissot Seastar 2481. A quick repair to the setting last night and it's running nicely. It still needs new glass, signed crown and a clean of the case but it's coming to the German beer festival with me today
  11. Turns out the setting lever had just slipped above the pinion like you said. I reassembled the keyless works and it's working perfectly, the quickset date works well with a firm press and it's keeping good time. Got a bargain on this one too. Very pleased with it.
  12. Yes I saw that was loose, I can imagine knocking it off without even noticing. I've already spent over two hours this week looking for parts on the floor so don't need to drop any more! The movement is clean and seems to be running well apart from that.
  13. Got it. I had removed two screws first but I don't think they were holding it at all and it it did just ease off like you said. Just the setting lever to fix now. I think the spring has slipped under or over the lever somehow. The winding pinion is loose.
  14. Hello, I have a Tissot seastar cal. 2481 here which I need to remove the dial from, but how? I can't see a single screw or clip that looks like it would release the dial. Help greatly appreciated. Joe.
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