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  1. Hello from Portugal, My name is Rui and I´m a watches enthusiastic, with a collection of almost 100 watches(wristle and pocket, Breitling , Maurice Lacroix, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Tissot, EarnShaw, David Wellington, Cortese, and so one, just to name few ), and I buy and sell watches, however not quite active. Im a new member and joined at the beginning of this month, date not quite sure, Im patreon and already did the first course and I´m starting the second one/level. Why am I here? , honestly after being Engineer and teacher for almost 30 yrs(I´m 52 yrs old, now I´m just teach
  2. Hello Vic Many thanks for your reply . Ill be waiting for others oppinions about Thomas Earnshaw, and thanks also for your oppinion. Nice to meet you. We will be in touch. Cheers ruitrigo
  3. Hello everyone Can anyone give me na opinion about EarnShaw watches? I mean quality. Regards RTR8
  4. Hello everyone, The watches are my passion, despite having a small watches collection around 100 watches, i never tried to learn how fix them. Now i want to go deeper, about how to fix watches and im counting with your experience and help. Any help is welcome. By the way, anyone can give me an opinion about earnshaw watches in terms of quality. All the best RTR8
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Rui, from Portugal and a watches entusiasthic. Im here to learn as much as possible, so please any help is welcome. Im just starting,so feel free to advice whatever you think is helpfull for a begineer. All the best. Regards, Rui
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