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  1. I think you’re right, is a rebanking . i lubricant the escape wheel and pallet jewel with d5 to slow in down , and with full wind the beat got control, (not that good) but ware able thanks a million !
  2. Sound normal and no knocking sound too !
  3. Checked everything and it looks good and in good shape, could it be the wrong mainspring size ? I believe t17 can hold up to 3 days power also if is the pivot , might be super hard to find parts
  4. Hi folks , I’m working on the Omega t17 that have a really strange problem, if i wind it to full power it seems to run like crazy with mad reading , but if i wind it ..say 5-7 time it keep the rate better , also the amplitude is almost the same on 5-7 turn and full turn at 290-320 i attaches the photo of the read I also noted that the beat rate is expanding and close on the reading too, Balance swings is not even ? thanks for the read and answer!
  5. Might be need to tighten up , will try that.
  6. Hi everyone ! I got quick question about Venus 170 at first the hands are stiff to turn so I put oil on the pivot, and is trun freely , but now the gear probably hade to much lubricate and cause the gear to run free ( hours hand and minute not move) do I have to remove the oli by cleaning the gear or is maybe a different problem like loosen and need to tighten up ? Thank you !
  7. Ayn one used bergeon 8935 here ? i'm thinking of invest in it but the holder got like 15 size
  8. thanks for the info, very useful stuff here ! mine also have the timing screw and Breguet hairspring style
  9. Hello again gents, I have a question about Valjoux 72 hairspring , what Is the identical part to fit this cal? I only need the hairspring due to I slip during regulating the beat and it can't be properly restore.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking for Valjoux 72 hairspring (or a complete blance ) anyone interesting to sell, please give me PM, thanks
  11. thank you RyMoeller ! , will try that.
  12. Got some quick question about Valjoux 72 , 1 parts that I don't know where it belong their 3 identical part like this and both is on the chronograph wheel, this one I don't know Thanks for reading !
  13. Hi again forum amd watch lover. I have some problem with the upper bridge, the jewel seem lose and the bridge doesn't grip the jewel, (pic form internet) cause the rotor to have a nosey sound when shaken,by the way the oscillating staff still fit in the jewel. Any thing I can do about this ?
  14. Update, I tried everything and inspect every parts, non are damage, but after I remove the calendar driving wheel is run good ! , so I put it back to test, and the watch got amplitude jump again. I noticed that if I tight the screw on the calendar driving wheel it cause this problem.
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