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  1. REALLY ; after some reasearch, the best guest. it was a promotional watch made in Japan for the clone of the masda miata. much like the "Studabaker pocket watch". vin post script; the thing that caught my eye was the inclosed case wrench, most likley would only fit that watch
  2. good show, very good pic.s. the watch is a "raceing timer" ? vin
  3. i have known collectors that have bought them. beautifully made jobs! BUT can't sell them. sad.
  4. like many hobbies or aprentiships; "it will all come together in a few years". vin
  5. USA AND UK ? I must read that book. vin
  6. if you can not find a "click"; take our the balance. it should be taken out anyway. vin
  7. the case back removeing should be done with a special watch tool. good luck
  8. i recognize that "oiler pen". it is an off the shelve universal oil. not for watches. better than wd - 40. vin
  9. if you had radium painted hands, might it contaminate the Rodico ? vin
  10. i was looking at something else on the bench top !!! put a circle around something on the bench top, i'll try again - vin
  11. i will guess; for taking the dents out of pocket watch cases. vin
  12. good show! i noticed the lathe has a 3 and 4 jaw chuck, how mwny clocks of the type shown here, do you have? vin
  13. THERE IS some thing different about about "timex stuff" as a cheap watch, it is a good training. and a test of your mechanical abilities, or - just read the repair manual. cheers, vin
  14. IF - there is residue ( perhaps your rodico is contaminated). wipe the area with "isoprop". AND don't leave anything on rodico. vin
  15. rodico is very popular, works well. so whats wrong with that? vin
  16. a couple years ago, i saw an ad for the new Honda watch. it was in a box WITH A WRENCH to remove the case back. have not seen or heard anything about it here or on the web. vin
  17. taking pic.s of the position of the parts as they come out --- it is a "memory thing. for example; which direction does the mainspring go in the barrel? you can put these parts "aside" and start again on another watch? vin
  18. doesen't all grease slide or slip? vin
  19. read a book - de Carles book on how its done before you kink the spring. parts are available for vintage watches. vin
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