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  1. my mistake. i have a tool post grinder. i always cover the ways when grinding. vin
  2. welcome Scott to the best watch forum ! what is the weather like down there? vin
  3. whenever you grind on a lathe, cover the ways.
  4. the 19th century watchmakers bench was designed stop "pingers". used by students and gernymen, a small bench with 3 sides in glass. vin
  5. i started to build one out of an electric wall clock. it is just the speed of the second hand. ill try again. vin
  6. good show, tool maker ! what we need is an inexpensive watch winder for automatic wrist watch. vin
  7. there are many used mvts. out there. elgin had a 21 jewel one in their "rail road watch" would fit in your warch. vin
  8. the "old guys would go to the jeweler" and have a NEW movement installed. now there are no new mvts.! i have my grand father's pocket watch. vin
  9. there several pentrating oils. all better than wd - 40.
  10. is it fully automatic, or will it wind manually? in any event, "open and inspect", good luck, vin
  11. i sugest replacing the mvt..in the old days,when men wore the watch in a vest pocket,, that is what they did. the case is very nice. vin
  12. i find the best cleaner to be isopropinal. evaporates with no smell, but no cigars.! vin
  13. if the balance is not magnetized, put the regulator in middle position and bend the hair spring till it is in beat. there are books that show you how to do this. vin
  14. I have used eye glasses for more years than I will admit. problems and pain will occur with magnification , see a opthomoligist. vin
  15. i have had a similar problem. " watch stops, but starts again when the time is reset" , change the battery and "its dead". i think it is a natural electronic death. salute and throw it in the bin. vin
  16. there are lots of ways to " get a grip " the glue and the suction cup, the best reason for buying a case opener
  17. oh it rusts over here ! the 4 rotors and the emergentcy cable are the worst on the miata. vin
  18. this is a very valuable skill for any hobby. vin
  19. often runing fast means may need cleaning. if it is magnetic, take the balance out and demag. it sepurately.
  20. that lathe and mill will introduce you to other hobbys and income. good luck. vin
  21. nothing wrong with glass. oil might desolve the plastic and set up when in the watch. on the subject of hell; it might be diffacult to service watches by fire light.
  22. nothing wrong with thumbs. also, never work on a spring end without Anealing it first. vin
  23. its hard to damage a main spring. very often the main spring is put in the barel with the thumbs! watches, not with clocks.
  24. welcome to the forum neighbor ! Alt - what? i still work on cars (when i can find the proper tool). working on watches is a good relief. (i also forgot how to spell). keep up the good work, vin
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