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  1. vintage (quality) wrist watches usually had a screw or a button to release the stem. who knows the latest design. push the button down and see what happens? wear your saftey glasses. vin
  2. the company is "under handed" ! vin
  3. amazon U.S. is just as bad! their dealings are no better than the "scamers".
  4. they make a set (nest) of plastic rings of diferent diameters just for that perpose. to set the mvt. face down.
  5. welcome Nigel ! pocket watches are a good start. the older the better. newer ones - not so. vin
  6. can you install a syringe needle? they are very easy to find.
  7. it is in a far better place now.
  8. here is a cuckoo clock story ; the one and only, and ever, I had accidently switched the bellows ! it was an ook - cu. I then put into the wood stove. vin
  9. vernier calipers. but do those jewels wear? I don't think so, just get out of alignment?
  10. Contact Cleaner might be good if you remove the balance assembly first. vin
  11. it looks like wear, can you measure it?
  12. i would place a lathe at the top of the list of things to buy to work on watches. vin
  13. good show ! now sypon some petrol - add the two 50 / 50, try that. vin
  14. diesel and kerosene are basically the same ! NOT the best solvent - for cleaning today. BUT, it is CHEAP. VIN
  15. Valmet has turned out some very good stuff- thru the years in Finnland. vin
  16. there may not be small enough to use in clock repair, load um up in your "blunderbuss".
  17. Camera books? I have a few, and on old watches, and electronic (like accutron) BUT, " I hate electronics". cheers, vin
  18. the 4 th pic's are good " drive wedges" ! vin
  19. Good show !I only have 2 books. good enough for vintage watches. I should buy more if I want to take my speed master apart. videos are o k but I like books. vin
  20. what is the name and front view of the watch? vin
  21. what the heck! switch the hammers about and make it "Wall sing Matilda". vin
  22. IT would be a real challenge to change out that LED light. if I could find one, I'd try it ! vin (spell check working again)
  23. Angeio; welcome to the forum ! Bon jer no ? vin
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