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  1. you could use penitrating oil AND then heat. vin
  2. i lucked out. with a few military, vintage wrist watch cases "deeply pited" between the two wars, the US auctoned off a pile of military marked NOS cases. someone in New York got them, probably Freed. they are still trickeling out, some of those militaty marked cases modified for a proper winding stem and crown. vin
  3. good show, how about sueing this guy for the price of a rolex? vin
  4. the road show and ebay are guilty until proven inocent. General Hooker - indeed ! vin
  5. "laping on a laping plate", i use the "figure 8 " motion. if you don;t have one, a thick glass works good also. vin
  6. could that spring screwed on be upside down? vin
  7. the design of the chemists ring stand would be better, thru bolt the stand to your bench. vin
  8. winding by hand (thumbs); does not work well with gloves on. vin
  9. this is an opertunity to build one ! the tri pod is used in chemistry labs. a very good one is an acsessory to the 1934 Leica camera. vin
  10. good show. 2 points off - if you got blood in the mvt.. vin
  11. i just removed the rotor from my sieko AND noticed the shallow wide screw head. i reshaped one of old drivers to fit ( try for 100% contact in the slot ). the sieko is well used and had a noise roter. - worn bearing. no sign wear yet, so i used some special oil and it is silent now. VIN
  12. welcome J. hang in there, youl get it eventually. a book would help. vin
  13. do you use a diamond face plate? vin
  14. good score ! but, some of the new members might not know how to bid on the net. I am one. vin
  15. yes, proper set of collets are essential. what about the difference of MM or SAE measurement and thread pitches ? vin
  16. good show. trial and error works also. vin
  17. a trained machinist serves a 4 year aprentistship. if you want to specialize on watch lathes, look for a book "using a watch makers lathe." or repair a used lathe. vin
  18. " brass at sea"; bronze and brass make very good watch cased EXCEPT when they are plated over. I have several watches that are badly pitted as menchend above, at sea, brass "is sead to" " de zinkafy " as those watch cased. All I can say is Bronze dose not. vin
  19. epoxy is good up to 200 deg. far. super glue is not. vin
  20. Again, super glue raises it's ugly head ! I know of no good use for it, if you must glue --- use epoxy vin
  21. yes; good show. if the clearance between the roller and the hole it too much, the shellac will not hold in long. vin
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