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  1. I bought a well used (destructively) case closer at a watch mart. all the black dyes were broken or glued. it had the cardboard box and all the instructions. "the price was right". I made aluminum cups for each watch to be closed. vin
  2. yes; the answer I was looking for (not the automatic type) the arbor hook. it a shame to have to take the main spring barrel out again. vin
  3. its soft and picks up dirt, not like a tooth pic. vin
  4. very interesting; looks old and well made. dose it run?
  5. with out being sarcastic, when you take out the main spring barrel, make a note of which way it is wound.. and welcome to the forum. vin
  6. check out a book or video on watch repair. it will help you a lot. vin
  7. corroded watch battery case: i use a "que tip" with a baking soda solution just in the battery area. what would would happen if you dipped the movment in baking powder solutions? vin
  8. welcome to the forum. you can measure it in inches.
  9. if you have a tap and die set, (and a lathe) just thread a hole in a brass rod and you have the perfect "screw holder". doe's not work on left handed thread. vin
  10. i agree, the "bloody past" is good for lapping engine valves - waste of time on miniture screws. 1,000 grit paper works fine.
  11. welcome to the best forum. judgeing by some of our posts; we can use an egineer. vin
  12. NOT TO WORRY; it is a problem caused by the internet. and authors. like "crown gear" or castle gear or "hunting case" or just "hunter". we can live with it. vin p.s. i like the above posted "time zone watch school" closssory. spelling is also a problem with the older guys.
  13. polishing or restoring screw heads is an art ! with a lathe (or a drill press) cut the head and then go to "wet and dry" sand paper to 1,000 grit, you are done. the slots are a whole different art. vin
  14. yes it's a clutch, when it wears down you can still wind it some. originally patented by Movoto. how can you tell which watches "have the clutch". vin
  15. the same can be said for ancord main spring. just know how to wind it. have you heard of a "lifetime main spring"? to each his own, cheers. vin
  16. sliping main springs and breaking grease. seems like it is more trouble than it's worth. why not just anker the spring? VIN
  17. welcome to the repair forum. you have probably worked on vntage railroad watches. the ones that were calibrated and those that were just named RR. i have my grandads RR. vin
  18. will isopropel alcohol desolve the shellac ?
  19. if its made in USA, the threads will be SAE pitch or maybe MM. it is a problem. you can find the answer in the US machinery handbook or open a new topic "lathe threads". so we will all know. vin
  20. good show; best let him restore it. work on the next one. cheers vin
  21. welcome to the forum. my favorate suggeston is "when you take the stem out of the case, put it back in as soon as posable". as there is a winding gear in there thay may capsize. then you willhave to take the dial off to relocate the crown gear. welcome and good luck. vin
  22. REALLY ; after some reasearch, the best guest. it was a promotional watch made in Japan for the clone of the masda miata. much like the "Studabaker pocket watch". vin post script; the thing that caught my eye was the inclosed case wrench, most likley would only fit that watch
  23. good show, very good pic.s. the watch is a "raceing timer" ? vin
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