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  1. i will guess; for taking the dents out of pocket watch cases. vin
  2. good show! i noticed the lathe has a 3 and 4 jaw chuck, how mwny clocks of the type shown here, do you have? vin
  3. THERE IS some thing different about about "timex stuff" as a cheap watch, it is a good training. and a test of your mechanical abilities, or - just read the repair manual. cheers, vin
  4. IF - there is residue ( perhaps your rodico is contaminated). wipe the area with "isoprop". AND don't leave anything on rodico. vin
  5. rodico is very popular, works well. so whats wrong with that? vin
  6. a couple years ago, i saw an ad for the new Honda watch. it was in a box WITH A WRENCH to remove the case back. have not seen or heard anything about it here or on the web. vin
  7. taking pic.s of the position of the parts as they come out --- it is a "memory thing. for example; which direction does the mainspring go in the barrel? you can put these parts "aside" and start again on another watch? vin
  8. doesen't all grease slide or slip? vin
  9. read a book - de Carles book on how its done before you kink the spring. parts are available for vintage watches. vin
  10. the scratched numbers are a repairmans code - not of much use. is there any thing on the movement? vin
  11. look up the "pilot drill diameter" (also known as "tap drill" ) in the "machinests handbook", use lots of oil while cuting most types of stainless steel. vin
  12. glue (shelac) is only going to work if there is a "minium" space between the hole and the stone. send it out. i tryed epoxy one time, it dint work good. vin
  13. i belive the only thing you need to make one is a "side winder dial" ? vin
  14. i would go with a standard spring if that will work. ive had bad luck with watches with a "clutch".. i believe it was pattented by movado years ago. vin
  15. "brake spring"? is that part of the main spring.
  16. how about a photo of the watch. these don't look like dial screws.
  17. the 2 flats were ground on the case back to use a large cresent wrench to un srew it. some times 2 holes were drilled in the case back for a spanner wrench. this is done to scrap out the watch. vin
  18. older Bolivas have the same case back. you don't want to "cross thread" the back. get a good case back opener. vin
  19. welcome Dan. it is a good hobby. have you read up on watch repair? vin
  20. if has been repaired, it MIGHT be atached wit double back tape. vin
  21. i have got a few of those "glued togethers". its not cricket. i have secured a loose crystol with 3 dots of epoxy rather than smearing other glues all around. i have a book on how to run a lathe i could post. for the hobbist, the UNOMAT is not that expensive . vin
  22. I use 3 and 4 jaw chucks, large and small on a "compound lathe". how does a " bezel - chuck" grab a crystol? with a 4 jaw, you invert the jaws and grab the inside so you can cut the outer diameter. do they make chucks for jewelers lathes? vin
  23. that is a wyler style case, yes. the wyler crystols are unique to this watch AND hard to find. if you have a lathe, cut an "aftermarket" crystol to the proper inside and out side to a "press fit" since it is the only thing that holds the watch together. good luck. vin
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