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  1. let us know how you make out. vin
  2. 200 + degrees. they make a melt pencil just for this AND just in case epoxy was used. vin
  3. a front loader cristol blow out! i'll have to try that. for the replacing cristol you would have to a "claw tool". that means a high dome cristol.? vin
  4. no, there could be rust penitration where you cant see. book and videos will show you how to properly do it. ITS well worth it. good luck, vin
  5. the path of rentance is useing double back tape. vin
  6. a forum glossery type would be good, but some parts have 3 differnt names. vin
  7. welcome dave; did you ever work on a harley? vin
  8. this interesting Seth Thomas hung on my wall for years. not running. im on to it now. vin
  9. when a screw back has "flats" there was a box wrench to un screw it. grind a cresent flat at the tips will do it. vin
  10. wormy wood falls apart, buy new. vin
  11. if you are building one. will this help? vin
  12. IPA used in manufactering is 95 % ( 5 % disapears when the cap is removed). the stuff you get at the phamacy is about 75% the rest is WATER. if it not sterile, it may leave a stain. it was also used to steralize breathing masks in aircraft. what a great day it will be when someone invents a glue, for the vintage watcher that WITHSTAND I.P.A.. vin
  13. there should be no sheilac on the spring.,but why not clean with isopropyl alcohol ,, it's cheaper and better? vin
  14. also; there several books on the internet on that subject. good luck. vin
  15. you should get that translated. deadicated watches are quite collectable. vin
  16. wow, what a price. bought it new from the importers at $35.00.
  17. thanks guys ! its off now, had to use a tool, ( rubber hammer ) to shove it upward. vin
  18. i bought this clock new complete with the mount few years ago. I CAN NOT rember how to disconect it from the mount. any ideas? vin
  19. move the scope to its own table. are you going to take pic's thru it? vin
  20. watch making in Seattle; could be brought home for the virus duration ? i feal sorry for anyone in Seattle. the governer and his lawer ( Side show bob ) are outstanding "nut cases". if there is to be a vote this year they will be gone. Trump will help that along. later vin
  21. welcome Jon. here is a much needed tool design: an economic winder for "automatic winding vintage watches". vin
  22. i think : micromesh is new and crocus cloth is still available and beter.
  23. No, its not you. all the new screw drivers are flat. my secret: use round hone stones on the flats. AND its not that important. just buy good drivers. vin
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