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  1. chemical abstracts, yes. used that before there was an internet. thank you for reminding me ! the point is, what is the best solvent for removing grease - and oil. and what is avaible. tri cloro etheline was the best. no longer available. ill stick with 95% iso propaline alcohol . vin
  2. since the "common names" of chemicals have changed thru the years --- ASK A CHEMIST or a pharmasist. if all else fails, enter the name on line. the imporant thing - avoid mixturs or delutions. gasoline with 10 % alcohol is different than leaded gasoline and unleaded gasoline. rubbing alcohol might have 30 % water and will not clean as well as Ethel alcohol. pure isopropinal is used in the avation industry as a cleaning agent. i have cleaned a few radial engine parts and oxegen masks with it. " be happy in your work".
  3. good luck identifying all those parts, are any of them rusty?
  4. welcome to the forum. collect or repairing, its all good info here. vin
  5. don't be cheep, buy 99 % pure chemicals.
  6. how about de Carles book on vintage watchrepair? vin
  7. acetone works good, but leaves a film that is easly removed with isopropinal. why naptha? vin
  8. if you have the main spring out, lube it. it will transfur to the barrel wall. vin
  9. welcome to the watch factory. vin
  10. An imporant tool for me, Ever Ready - single edge safety razor blades -- excelent for opening a case back, useing a "jewelers hammer". for shaving, - disposable, plastic, razors - in the wood stove vin
  11. that became a parts watch, i did not try to adjust the jewel. i have another mvt.. ill look into it.
  12. my interputation of "franken" should stated by the seller, " rebuilt or modified". vin
  13. the lower jewel in some vintages elgin pocket watch balance staffs have caused a problem for me. one experence; bought a watch that appeared to have a broken balance staff, on dissassembly, the staff was in tact with the lower jewel pushed out. this could have hapened when the former owner pushed the jewel down when fitting the balance cock.? vin
  14. alcohol and elbow grease. mainley watches these days. vin
  15. brasso no - no; i used it for years without knowing is contained abrasive in the formula ! "good for brass buttons, not for clocks". vin
  16. in any event; it must be time to take it apart? there is some very good timex repair posts on this forum. vin
  17. The all arround hobby machinist would have a jeweler's lathe, a compound lathe AND a mill. i suggest, a jewler's lathe and learn how to use the "gravers" for a start. cheers vin
  18. yes; this is a very good tool. IF you ever work on vintage watches.
  19. The Finn's had an interesting solvent for cleaning : Cosin Corba. vin
  20. its not easy to find 99.5 isoprop., usually 75, but is still cleans and "may be less distructive" on the shelack. the big diference is -- you can drink ethanol. !
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