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  1. soldering is best. locating the feet properly is often not easy. vin
  2. i have a"683" as i recall, there were 2 mvt.'s. my case and dial were bad. when i got it out of the case (you don't want to know how i got it out - via a cross threaded back). the mvt. ran with the batt. mentioned above. i'll try to find it. vin
  3. the post on "indiamart" nylon strap was good. i have made bands from 3/4 inch strap material that did not itch or eritate the wrist. this Inda outfit claims to sell web in width from 2mm to 600mm? i have been un able to contact them via the net. vin
  4. I think; 99% of the instrument / watch makers use the "head band visor" (microscops another topic). you can get many powers and swing it up quite easly. the bands insert comes in about 4 different mag., the swing down monicle gives you another 4. it is an easy way to get 9 or 10X. its good enough for me. ( excuse the math ). vin
  5. thanks for the refural! i use a black nylon web BUT notavailable in all the widths i want. this India outfit will sell you web at ANY WIDTH ? i am makeing a list !
  6. doesen't every one in the USA have a shed? vin
  7. in my experence with pocket watches. there is - glass flat ( and domed) AND plastic ( acrilic ? ) vin
  8. did the case back come off? does it have a 2 piece stem? vin
  9. good show. i need humidifire in my shop. the damp works its way in with the north wind. vin
  10. i'll explain myself. i bought quite a few. a few ran and i fixed a few. the mvt., is a crap. the wrist watch cases are a thing of art. vin
  11. please don't destroy a valuable watch. this forum will help you "catch on quick" cheers
  12. welcome to the forum the foum ! so thats a JLC. vin
  13. a slip fit. there have been a few posts on smith auto clocks and balance. vin
  14. interchangeable parts sometimes have to be ajusted. a good job for jewelers files . vin
  15. good show, age and wisdom, keep collecting. vin
  16. good show, super dial. i think that dial will fit on many Walthum mvt.s, that will fit into many cases. im not a "pureist" -- what ever works - and might look good. vin
  17. when i was a kid, there was a pocket book, "how to run a _ _ _ _ lathe". a compound lathe, it helped me get into the aprentis ship. i still have the book. vin
  18. it takes a bit of time to be a lathe "runer". master machinest - 7 year aprentis ship. vin
  19. nice job ! is thre a quarts mvt. than can be fit into an accutron, space view watch case .? vin
  20. i like the mechanics of a vintage watch. in my next life i might be an electrian.
  21. i looked at the site, thanks. i know that device as a " volt ohm meter". i use it a lot. how is it used to "Trim" a quarts watch? i know we have an "electrical engneer" somewhere in this forum. vin
  22. also; their is a prodcedure to clean files. "file card" or wire brush. - after or during fileing AND try not to file soft metal like aluminum vin
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