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  1. is it my imangination or is the forum getting smaller ?  vin

  2. "tripping" i'll rember that.  i have found tha a dirty clock will not trip.  vin

    1. oldhippy


      America clock movements tend to do this a lot.

  3. hints on lathe operation.

  4. J;  the Monarch  EE  lathe  has a built in Variac ( vacuum tubes and complex  chassis ).  check it out, it is used for mainly high speed work. and you don't change the speed during the cut.   you may not need a speed control.   good luck,  vinn

  5. variable speed foot petal,  i'd like to buy one.  any info?

  6. vinn3

    mark;  would you set one of those two  clock  photos  as my avatar ??  thanks  vinn

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