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  1. with the age of that design, it might be an obsolete battery. look on the interned. vin
  2. Mark; could you remove my post (miss spelld) from september? thanks vinn
  3. There are books, that tell you how to re-shape an hair spring and tools to use, I read de Carles Watch Repair. one tool i recall is "2 pairs of rounding plyers. vin
  4. annealing can easly be performed by just placing it into hot ashes of a dieing fire. leave it there till ashes are cold. vin
  5. i have used drill rod for many projects and like it. it comes anealed and is quenched by water or oil. vin
  6. welcome to the forum. be sure to wear "saftey glasses" when using a lathe. vin
  7. a vintage like the one mentioned above does not have to be too acurate. + or -- 5 minutes on a valuable collector watch. save the timer for a newer watch. vin
  8. Welcome home. Try motor cycle racing in Finnland, next time. vin
  9. when in dought; take the balance out. clean and demagnetize, replace the balance and check "end shake". vin
  10. vinn3


    i had bad luck with that stuff. vin
  11. vinn3


    Glue: that is a good question!: i do not use "super clue" for any thing. (gets wet and turns white and fails,- for surgery. - use stiches) epxy in small amounts. for wood: "weldwood waterproof powered glue". for pallet jewels: shellac. what do the watch makers use? vin
  12. as far as i know; automatic means "auto wind". AND recently learned : only that mainspring has a clutch so the winder will not break the main spring. a good reason to stay with quartz watches. vin
  13. is it automatic wind or battery?
  14. welcome to the forum. nice watch, deserves certified repair. theres a couple in Seattle. can you do the "Eskomo roll" ? vin
  15. in the USA, i remrmber pre TV radio, kids programs, but getting back to the job at hand; is there any thing better than shellac to glue "stones to metal" ? vin
  16. excelent refural ! is Specification.pdf available for vintage watches? vin
  17. when it comes to "horse play" in the machine shop; I am a veteran ! think "oxy acetelene" and spark plugs. vin
  18. that wrench has a " special use". i have had to grind a good wrench down to that size ! (some air grinders, for X)
  19. i have one of these. it is metal , not plastic AND ; it's still not worth a shite ! vin
  20. some men are color blind. that could get you a spot in the artillery. vin
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