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  1. are we talking about round wylers? the special crystols are hard to find. there were several colors. vin
  2. my first running watch was an Wyler squire. i wore the case out, the mvt. would fall out at work. i still have it and another with a similar case. vin
  3. good show. good video! a good drill press and a little inginuity will will do the same thing. who would want to buy all that high dollar equipment? may be in my next life. vin
  4. if you can buy (locate) a new mvt., it would a good project. vin
  5. thanks for the pic.s. it is not worth repairing. vin
  6. on a pocket watch, if you dont put oil or grease ON THE MAIN SPRING, it will be the target for RUST by moisture, if it gets in thru the stem. i put a small greased o ring on the stem - it may not stop water, but old watches [ 1900 ] don't have much of a seal on the collet. i dont know what seals are on a modern pocket watch. vin
  7. the U.S. navy, shop that cleans and repairs THEM, uses isopropyl alcohol. vin
  8. welcome to the forum. need a pic. to answer your question. vin
  9. those rusty screws will not snap off with aplication of proper penitration oil. vin
  10. any wrist watch with a battery, can not be a trench or vintage military watch. no mater what e bay says. they look nice, may run well, but not worth anything. vin
  11. is not murc. poisonus ? replace it with fake weight, right side up. vin
  12. miniture screw drivers can be nicely "by eye". it is not "an art", but the result of a machinest's apprentiship. twist drills can aso sharpened "by eye". i will admit the small ones can be dificult ---- practice. vin
  13. the ring is part of the case, holding mvt. in. the proper crystol fits over it. vin
  14. about the twentys, between the wars, a lot of stuff was not marked while gearing for the next war. vin
  15. basic math if you remember. the stem cutting and thread shaping requires some thought. i do not glue crown to stem, just set it "tight". vin
  16. welcome. you have chosen a good book for a start. good for reference and basic use of tools and a good forum to help you. vin
  17. removing rust is always a sad project. that watch was was very collectable at one time, kind of a cheepy. sell the mini and and the watch? vin
  18. buying attachments for a lathe - be careful. an example; the head stock (what you screw the chucks onto,) on an U S lathe is 1/2 x 20 thread. tooling made for a metric head stock WILL NOT FIT ! vin
  19. it may be epoxy. if you can get the mvt. out of the case thru the front and deal with the case later. if it is epoxy, use a jewelers saw and cut the crystal at the edge. vin
  20. thread pitches; S.A.E. or MM ? vin
  21. some watches are designed to only fit factory watches. i like to use generic plastic crystals. my original batch of boxed diameter, were made in India. they seem to have gone out of busines. they could be turned on the lathe to fit the lip. vin
  22. some of those snap backs have a thin seal ring, hardly an o ring, generly fall apart. vin
  23. correction --- i think that movado did not make those particular movments. vinn 3
  24. have you ever seen a Jeweler's hammer? vin
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