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  1. gasoline has no place for watch cleaning. it can be used for paint thinner with enamel, it can be used as a first clean on a clock mvt., (the clock will run when submerged in gasoline). then wash it off with a garden hose. AND don't smoke around gasoline. vin
  2. welcome to the forum ! guns and watches; reminds me of a pawn shop in town. vin
  3. good show ! there is a site here for military watches. vin
  4. if you are new to running a lathe, use a 3 jaw, jacobs' and collets. most nubies are afrade of a 4 jaw because it takes much more time to get it "on center". with some experience, a 4 jaw can be put on center in15 seconds.
  5. they made a plastic dial caliper. amazingly acurate. i use it for batterys and rough work. vin
  6. "nothing new here" for many years there have been pressure gauges - oil filled to stop rust. i think not used in submarines. i have bought many used watches swamped with oil or wd - 40 . vin
  7. the stem may be rusted on the crown gear inside.
  8. be careful, 1 full turn may be enough. put the crown on 3 turns to hold on while pulling. vin
  9. a 4 jaw chuck would be a better investment.
  10. i have a stand up, low and a mediun which is at the window sill for the sun light. the stand up is great if you have a back ache from mowing the lawn.
  11. yes, wikpedia. that is what a graduate chemist would do.
  12. The photo Forum is just were you can get a good answer for film or digital cameras AND schooling. vin
  13. ah yes; the white coolant and overhead belt drive.. good show, where ever did you find this? vin
  14. i have one like that (somewere), but, where the strange screws are is where the "spring clips" held the mvt. in the case. this could be a modification. vin
  15. welcome to the forum Linc. this forum has experts world wide. cheers, vin
  16. "machining makes the world go round" i don't have youtube. vi
  17. i useto ware them with a double chain. also used "jeans watch pocket" till the chinez made pants with a very small watch pocket. nothing good seems to come from that country !! vin
  18. in the US we have "drill rod" oil or water quench. i don't know the metal formula, but it works good for me. vin
  19. the number 1 type is common BUT, have not seen the foot hidden from sight ! if this is the , 1/4 turn to the left should loosen it. and then use a feeler gage under the dial to locate the foot. you may have turn the screw heads a little and the dial should fall off. good luck. let us know. vin
  20. as a young boy, rumageing in grandmas' attic, i found a large mantle clock. " it had not worked in years" she said,; just by luck, i fixed it. as i recall, the flat spring holding the pengulum fell off. i used a paper clip to hold it on. when she was not looking, i placed it on the fireplace mantle. "THAT DOSENT WORK" ! as she got closer, heard it ticking. the entire family was surprised. vin
  21. welcome to the forum; let us see the one you to restore. vin
  22. let us know how you make out. vin
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