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  1. "safety" razor blades are still available AND, there were several types of "hand crank " sharpeners made. thou i use a bic razer, there are many uses for those blades, including opening a watch case. vin
  2. Doc; you need high quality for this job. no chineezium. best to replace it or "farm out" the repair. vin
  3. they are good for keywind watches also.
  4. good score Bill ; is it running, is the balance staff good? i noticed the screw heads have been "upset". this is not a problem if the repairs are proper. good show, good luck. vin
  5. crown and stem: if you now have the proper screw and its turned l -1/2 turns. press down on the screw, giggle - the stem should come out. IF NOT; apply "penitrating oil" and come back tomorow. vin
  6. the repair and service is not too complicated, but my grandma let too many of the kids "work" on an 1900 mantle clock. i would avoid the job at all cost. vin
  7. there is plenty of watch and clock repairmen in the USA . it is the same old problem "who can you trust". i would sugest asking the National Watch and Clock Socety (sp). or a parts supplier like Freid. the US should start its own forum? vin
  8. Err; they are asking too much for it ! vin
  9. stu; you can buy a new timex cheep and then later, enter the world of "repair and collect". vin
  10. Stu; welcome to the forum. there is a complete timex forum, but it will be good to work on this one. the earley ones were held together with screws - quite collectable. you should read up or watch a video on "watch repair". good luck. vin
  11. if de mag ing, it is good to remove the balance and run it thru the magnet separtly -- on vintage watches. beside the square wylers; i have one of their pocket watches. keep up the good work. vin
  12. the square wylers are interesting. the crystal is a deep square with flange.
  13. you might be interested in the old book way of timing, set the lever to zero and bend the spring to bring it into time. also re arange the balance weights. then run it thru the time graph.
  14. it must be the wrong crystol. the inner and outer diameters are critical to the inner and outer ring (bezel). that is the "draw back" of that watch. vin
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