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  1. alcohol and elbow grease. mainley watches these days. vin
  2. brasso no - no; i used it for years without knowing is contained abrasive in the formula ! "good for brass buttons, not for clocks". vin
  3. in any event; it must be time to take it apart? there is some very good timex repair posts on this forum. vin
  4. The all arround hobby machinist would have a jeweler's lathe, a compound lathe AND a mill. i suggest, a jewler's lathe and learn how to use the "gravers" for a start. cheers vin
  5. yes; this is a very good tool. IF you ever work on vintage watches.
  6. The Finn's had an interesting solvent for cleaning : Cosin Corba. vin
  7. its not easy to find 99.5 isoprop., usually 75, but is still cleans and "may be less distructive" on the shelack. the big diference is -- you can drink ethanol. !
  8. filling the case with the proper gas and good oiling should double the life of the watch. number of years between servacing - debatable. vin
  9. good show ! what is the second knob for? vin
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