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  1. the wedge shape will distort the screw slot.
  2. what would a "flat ground" look like? it might make the tip too long and weak. have you ever twisted the tip off a tight screw? a compromise is hollow grind. vin
  3. I acquired a repairable alarm clock that has EXCESSIVE end shake on the balance. is there a suggested clearance? vin p.s. i'll post pic.s tomorrow.
  4. good show! rebuilding small lathes might be profitable.
  5. welcome to the forum. what is your favorite type of watch? vin
  6. that is a different 2 part crown. try JDM's repair. when removing a "suspected" 2 part stem, i use tweezers - gently.
  7. tight collets: are you shure they are a "different thread form"? like S.A.E. verses Metric. check out Machinest's Handbook. or that old UK thread form "_ _ _ _ _ _". vin
  8. why not re dent the old one and save the new one ? vin
  9. good show. i would use a stone or file to Dub the sharp edge. put a drill rod in the tube before making the crush. you can very the crush via the drill rod size. vin
  10. since you found a bare wire; it's worth putting back to gether. in the base is that a "device" for D C power? can that be discnected for the trial run.? i like gears and wood work. i hate electronics. vin
  11. welcome to the forum.
  12. i have an accutron meter (looks much like a volt ohm meter) and a bunch of their repair books. they didn't help much. buying a new mvmt., was the easy repair. when they went out of production, the collectors bought most of the parts. vin
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