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  1. there are several way to use heat : a match, cig. lighter or jewelers torch.. i prefere the torch. vin
  2. penitrateing oil, heat and time. let it sit overnight. vin
  3. Well, first, what is the name of the watch. looks like a vitage case. it might take an aftermarket crystol. the ring has a couple jobs - like holding the mvt. in the case. some vintage watches will only acept factory lenses that are hard to find. a claw tool woud be a good one to buy. a watch repair book is good also. good luck. vin
  4. very nice, it looks like a 21 jewel. i have a 21 jewel railroad watch - elgin. vin
  5. sounds like an easy job for a graduate machinest or "tool maker". vin
  6. regular wd 40 is not a penitating oil ! they do sell one now. there are many penitrating oils avaiable. use them. vin
  7. a lot of things have changed since 1945. espesally the formula for gasoline, get a newer manule. vin
  8. gasoline evaporates from brass. right? vin
  9. I rember the part name list. haveing a hard time finding it ! i'll keep looking. vin
  10. notice the flats. a large cresent wrench can turn this. you need a "fixture" to hold the case securley. i use the wooden block. this case has fine threads and might be "cross threaded". be careful, good luck. vin
  11. gasoline has no place for watch cleaning. it can be used for paint thinner with enamel, it can be used as a first clean on a clock mvt., (the clock will run when submerged in gasoline). then wash it off with a garden hose. AND don't smoke around gasoline. vin
  12. welcome to the forum ! guns and watches; reminds me of a pawn shop in town. vin
  13. good show ! there is a site here for military watches. vin
  14. if you are new to running a lathe, use a 3 jaw, jacobs' and collets. most nubies are afrade of a 4 jaw because it takes much more time to get it "on center". with some experience, a 4 jaw can be put on center in15 seconds.
  15. they made a plastic dial caliper. amazingly acurate. i use it for batterys and rough work. vin
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