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  1. I got my emery sticks yesterday and this works very well. I could not find any crocus paper. It is apparently been replaced with something called micro mesh sheets. I went down to 2500 grit emery sticks then used a felt bob in the micro motor to get a mirror finish. It worked well. I might get some Micro Mesh Sheets and see how they work. Anyone every used these?
  2. I was going for flat. The problem really started because the "normal" polishing techniques were rounding the screw head.
  3. I got it from CousinsUK it is £20 to £10 per tube. I know I don't use a lot but that is still £2000 to £4000 per liter (not that I'd use that much in my life). Which is more that most champagne. I had a second idea. First I cut the head to size -thickness wise not diameter wise- so that it is a little to thick. Then I cut the slot. The head is really untidy at this point. I could then attached a diamond grinding disk (like this one https://www.eternaltools.com/small-diamond-grinding-wheels ). I could attach this disk into a mini lathe as supposed to a watch makers lathe. I'll clamp the screw into a vice on the cross slide and this will allow me to grind the head to size whilst keeping the head flat and level and prepare it for the first steps of polishing? What does everyone think?
  4. I was holding them in a modified collet. Thanks for all the advice everyone on here has given one. Once again I though the answer was simple but it will keep me busy for 6 months.
  5. I've been making some screw recently out of 316 steel but my stalling point has been polishing the screw heads. After I cut the slot I have been filing them flat then rubbing them in diamond paste. I apply the paste to an aluminum sheet and start with 45 micron diamond paste and rub the screw heads in it. Clean them then repeat with 8 micron and 0.25 diamond paste. However the finish is not good. I'm aware if you buy sets of diamond paste there are 7 grades to go through so it might be I'm jumping sizes to quickly but as the paste is expensive I thought I'd check here first. From start to finish how long should it take to polish a screw head. This is quite frustrating because I feel like I've go the hard bit down but the part that should be easy is not working.
  6. Well spotted. I missed that. Thanks for the help. I'm looking forwards to giving this a go on some scrap steel. Think it might take a bit of practice.
  7. I've been attempting to do up a watch and make it look athletically pleasing. My problem is I don't know how to texture steel to give it a bushed finish. I've attached a photo of one of the parts I'm working on. I've split it down into the different metal parts. Any pointers would be great.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I’ve ordered in some cup burrs and they do the job well. I’ll check the book out as I seem to spend quite a bit of my time modify non watch tools into “watch tools”. And whilst I’m at this it’s worth mentioning just how divers a tool a micromotor is.
  9. In George Daniels book "Watchmaking" he talks about "rounding cutters" which are used for rounding the ends of pins however I can't find one anywhere. Does someone know where to buy them or be able to give me a Bergeon part number. I have attached the images from the book.Thanks.
  10. This is the paperwork that came with it. Turns out it cost £21 in 1952 which is a bit more that the £300 I paid. I hope these are of some interest. Pultra Information.pdf Pultra Price List.pdf Pultra Receipt.pdf
  11. Thanks for the reply's. I was thinking I might not find a drilling tail stock. I have plans in my head to make one so I'll post it here if it works. The collets are definitely 8mm (apart from one 6mm which I didn't even know existed). Also it came with documents so I think I'll PDF them and send a copy to Lathes.co.uk as they were asking for some.
  12. I got a Pultra lathe and I'm very happy to finally have a watch makers lathe so I though I'd share some photos. Now I need to find collects that I can us to clamp drill bits into the tail stock and I'm happy. Any advice would be appreciated. .
  13. I’m looking into buying a watchmakers lathe and all lathes need a motor. So what is a recommended current production lathe motor? Something that is easy to buy and not overpriced? Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  14. Sherline Lathe Follower Rest #1090 seems to have been designed for this. I might be able to adapt one for the Unimat.
  15. This is a good tip. I guess I could put the wood in a vice and that should give me better control. I have a weird ER chuck for the Unimat that attaches to the spindle but it does not normal ER16 collets properly. I think it's for ESX 16 collet which are apparently ever so slightly different. Today I ordered this collet chuck so I'm looking forward to using that. I'm still trying stuff. I'll report back if I find a good way of doing this.
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