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  1. Are these Elma cleaning jars safe for storing flammable cleaning solutions? I believe they are originally made for water based solutions.
  2. Thanks. Unfortunately that part doesn't come off on mine. It is all one piece
  3. I don't find that I get them clean enough without disassembling. Would be a bummer to not get them back together though.
  4. I need to disassemble these Watch-craft mainspring winders for cleaning. How are they disassembled?
  5. Thats incredibly bad news. I was sure that this would not happen with the genuine article. I didn't order from Cousins and it will probably be a hassle for me to complain. And the official answer from Bergeon is the worst. When you are a customer who has paid good money for a product that is defective, you do not want to hear "Well, we acknowledge that there is an issue with your product that renders your purchase useless, but other people have not complained, so you should be fine"
  6. Was this original Bergeon oil cups? I had the same thing happen to the Chinese clone. I have now ordered an original Bergeon and it would be a massive shame if the same thing will happen to this.
  7. I sure hope the modern Bergeon oil cups are free from contamination as well.
  8. I have the one the op enquired about.
  9. My oil cups contaminate the oil. The hinges grind away paint and material that ends up in the oil. To remedy this is simply not worth the hassle (to me)
  10. As I said, I'm not happy with mine either, so I would not get another from ebay. I found out after it was too late to file a complaint, so that is a loss for me. In the end the real deal is probably a better value. I have one on the way.
  11. I do not recommend these. I noticed small particles in the oil, and on closer inspection I saw that it comes from the hinges. When opening and closing, the hinges grind away paint and material that ends up in the oil. But it is much nicer to use this kind of oil cups than the cheap plastic ones, so there is no going back now. I will invest in the original Bergeon version
  12. How are your gel cushions holding up? Do they attract dust?
  13. So does this mean that modern Bergeon punches are compatible with the K&D staking sets?
  14. It was difficult to measure exactly, but they are just a tad smaller than the measurements you provided. So the Horotec bits would just require a small modification
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