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  1. Thank you Lawson, I really like the people that they know their job. Yes you are correct. The model is 762 as I finally found a tiny number (I need to buy a descent magnifier ) in the corner of the base. You are professional and you know the marketing tricks in your subject, but its really pitty to find out that cheap chinese models are sold in the US or EU markets with very high prices. That's global economy, and its not good in my opinion. I really enjoyed your answer. Keep the good working and best regards from Greece.
  2. HI, I want to replace the movement of my watch (Esprit 102952). I didn't know "Ronda" movements since this is not mh job anyway. But I am curious, why the heck this famous quality brand name ceased about 3 years of the purchase date while a cheap chinese model keeps working for years.... Anyway, I opened the watch and the only sign i found is "Ronda One 1 Jewel, Swiss Paris". Nothing more, not even in the plastic of the watch. How to decide what model is extacly ? It has only two hands. I attach you a photo.
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