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  1. I got hands on a "small" but very stable drill press. Trapani Rose, made i italy. If you have any information on a drill press like that, please let me know!
  2. maclerche

    Rust on tweezers

    Polish them using scotch brite and oil!
  3. How to clean best old watchmaker collets that have a little surface rust and dirt. How do you maintain them generally so they do not rust in the long run .. Thanks Henry
  4. maclerche

    Horia tool

    But shut it happen, then you can still buy a new spindle https://www.horia.ch/en/Products/Jewellling-Setting-staking-tools/Jewelling-tools/Accessories/Spindle-9.html Cousins got them as well! https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/horia-jewelling-tool
  5. The light of the Drawbar don't change no mater what the spindle length is... The drawbar shown here is the one that came with the faceplate... I can shurely make it fit the Cowells some how...
  6. Thanks Frank... Yes i think the drawbar is to long. Maby i can make a new none some day. The most important is that the centering arbor fit the Face-plate and im shure that this is the right one. It fits perfect... Im going to us it on my Cowells 90CW lathe, so anyway i might need som changes ...
  7. I can now understand that there is a brass thing missing on the centering arbor. But i have an idea that the drawbar is not the right one. The centering Arbor can not reach very long as i show on the pictures here...
  8. Great Frank i would be happy to see a picture of that!
  9. I'm looking for user manual for an Andrä & Zwingenberger watchmaker Lathe as it showed ... it's especially a section about the Face Plate that I'm looking for. If it exists! I can not figure out how to work with the centerpin and springs. Perhaps it does not fit together?
  10. maclerche

    Horia tool

    I found out that you can change the spindle from 4 to 3 mm. and from 3 to 4 mm. https://www.horia.ch/en/Products/Jewellling-Setting-staking-tools/Jewelling-tools/Accessories/Spindle-9.html
  11. maclerche

    Horia tool

    Today i think i was the lucky one. I got this one at eBay! Its a 3mm. !!
  12. maclerche

    Horia tool

    i asked the same in a facebook group and got this answer from mr. Lass "3mm is the most common. But the 4mm is the same size as in the Seitz jewel pusher, then you can use those ones if you find a cheap seitz set. The horia pushers is around $1000 for a set." if you buy the 4mm. you can use it all by making a kind of bushing...
  13. maclerche

    Watchmakers lathe collets

    Doe's Starrett not produce collets anymore. I can not find it anywhere in their directories. Does anyone know anything about it?
  14. Ohh i forgot.. I actually intended to buy a Sincere face plate. as it seems to be the right choice for a Cowell's 90CW as well. Dean DK shows it so well here >>>
  15. Thanks jdm! Hi Dralecmv I myself own a Cowell's 90CW (just got it) and have done some research before my purchase. A Cowell's 90CW has a spindle nose that fits 8mm. watchmaker types B8 (European Schaublin) and WW (American Webster Whitcombe), all this fit in Cowell's spindle. The difference is as you mention the thread. B8 has a thread called 6.82mm x 0.625mm pitch with 55 degree threads. WW collets have 0.275 "x 40TPI or 6.985mm x 0.635mm pitch. The Chinese Sincere uses M7x0.75 on their accessories. However, this is not a major problem. Sincerely can provide a universal drawbar that can be used for your Cowells when that day comes. Someone also feels great pleasure by producing some of their tools. Therefore you can easily find tap and die and make it yourself. Cowells 90CW comes as standard with Drawbar for B8 collets. But as the machines are built to order it will be easy to get it delivered with just the drawbar you want. Even my goal is to make lots of drawbars so I can use what I want. I can not recommend that you buy Sincere collets, as their runout is way too big for watchmaking! "Dear Valued Customer, these collets run out is 0.02mm," If you want to meet small run out for small money i think Sherline is the way ..(however, they are not hardened) If you want to read more about this, Jere Mihalov has written everything about Cowell's 90CW and much about collets treads and other equipment. https://watchmaking.weebly.com/other-lathe-attachments.html