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  1. Hi Bob, Yes YM62 is the option I am going to try. Yes an aftermarket crown is what I am thinking of if the adapter is too thick. I haven't any experience of what specifications are when it comes to crowns but lack of knowledge hasn't stopped me so far! With a bit of help from people here and other forums and a bit of trial/error I seem to muddle through. :) Tapping something that small isn't an option I would consider at this stage of my learning curve. As I am at the beginning of a house move (hopefully in the next 2 weeks if the removals company can find us a suitable slot) I
  2. Bob, I don't know if this applies to the NH06 into a 4205 but just something to be aware of. I am going to try to put a Hattori movement into a non running Seiko 7T62. From looking at the spec on the Esslinger site I have found that the stem on the Hattori is 10 Tap and the stem fitting for the Seiko crown is 9 TAP. I will be getting a suitable stem adapter from Cousins and hope the solid rod part of it is small enough to slip through the housing on the case. Bern
  3. I was just wondering. Do the hands from the 4205 fit the NH06? I have found a technical sheet on the NH06 on the web but it doesn't seem to give hand dimensions. Bern
  4. Thank you for the contributions to this. An NH06 it is then. :) Bern
  5. Anil, I like your style! :) I put a NH05 on order with Cousins in June. It has gone onto back order twice since then. Currently the ETA is Feb 2015. I hope it's worth the wait, Bern
  6. Charles & Robert, Thank you both for your suggestions. I bought a couple from Oferi.com as I have used them for components to build a 28.5mm watch from scratch and find their site fairly easy to navigate around. Cheers, Bern
  7. Robert, SII0 7s26A NH26A I've just seen a couple of these around on ebay. They might be suitable? Bern
  8. Robert, This sounds good. I'm stuck for time at the moment so will look at getting into repairing in the future - hopefully over the winter. Casting plastic parts. I have done some for some 6th scale modelling (GI JOE size) making scale weapons and parts. The best options I could find were. For making flexible reusable moulds = Either Silicone Putty (Dentists use it) or RTV Silicone 2020 (RTV = Room Temperature Vulcanisation). To make the plastic parts I use a 2 part fast cast resin (There are basically 3 grades of hardness/stiffness) To make sure the cast plastic resin part is e
  9. 7S26/7S36 - I am thinking the same thing. 2846/2801 family - I am not yet proficient enough to do any mechanical work but maybe we could do a deal on these? If you find any ready to run then please let me know the cost and I'll be happy to buy a couple from you if the price is right. Occasionally I do this with a couple of other people over there in the USA as the currency rate is currently in my favour. We agree a price then I pay via PayPal so they can order and ship to me. Just a thought, Bern
  10. Bob, I thought I had found an ETA = 2846. But I am not sure the stem is at 4hr and you will need to be sitting down when you look at the prices. :) As I am rebuilding rather than repairing my watch then an automatic movement would be fine. Do you have any model numbers please? Bern
  11. Hello Bob, Thank you. I bought the case/non running watch for £5 at a country show because I liked the enamelled dial. Little did I realise how much was involved "just" to change the movement! But it has been a fun way to learn a bit more. Ronda 517 Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried this but when you do relocate the feet the date numbers are slightly misaligned in the dial window at 3 hr. I will keep looking, Bern
  12. No results so far. I have been though all the movements available from Oferi, Esslinger and Time Module but cant find an 11 1/2 with Daydate at 3 hr and stem at 4hr. I am now thinking of getting some decals/transfers printed and removing the original numbers on the date wheel. Meanwhile I have finished a 1920s Services "Marine" (trench style) watch modification using a Ronda 1069. My first one off modification. Now to find a suitable crown and strap. Bern
  13. Robert, Thank you for confirming my thoughts on this. I am becoming so engrossed with the precision of watches that the slight misalignment you get when adapting a 3hr movement inside a 4hr case now drives me to distraction so I'll keep searching. I gather Seiko have a logical solution which is to make a movement with the stem at 3:45 so it can be used on both 3 hr and 4 hr versions of their corresponding models. You Americans generally offer pre sale customer service with a bit more enthusiasm than some of us Brits so I'll ask Ofrei as I have bought a few items and a couple of their
  14. My apologies for any confusion. I should of added I like the layout where the day and date are at 3 hr and the stem is at 4 Hr. Bern
  15. I took a broken quartz movement apart last night and think I am right in saying that you can only move the wheel by a full increment at a time as opposed to just "a tiny amount"? If I am right then it looks like I will need to find movements with stem at 4 Hr. Like a sane person would. :) So I have posted the obvious beginners question separately, Bern
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