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  1. Well, a loupe is smaller so there is less that can get in the way. You can easily remove it when you need to use a 10x or 20x loupe. I think the visor is more for the hobbyist or model maker when you want magnification but you are farther away. Not to mention you could not possible use it on a watchmaking bench. It may have some applications in watchmaking but for sure not assembly or anything like that.
  2. Sorry. I am just trying to say that they were not made for watchmaking. Loupes are for watchmaking and they make watchmaking much easier. Just saying
  3. Optivisors are not used by real watchmakers. They are not for watchmaking. If you want to work on movements get a loupe and do it the right way.
  4. Get Bergeon 4040, you will use it all of the time.
  5. ASCO produces fine bronze tweezers, can be special ordered from any supply house
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