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  1. It's my sons 21st birthday next week and his Grandad wants to get him something for about £100 that he might use but will also be able to keep for years to come. My son loves computers and is in his last few weeks of his computer science degree. Although his degree is more writing code and software oriented, he builds his own computer and does tinker a bit with electrics. The problem nowadays with most tools, the same as in watchmaking, they just aren't made how they used to be. I don't have a clue when it comes to computers, but presume a screwdriver set with various ends would come in handy for him. I have found this kit below that looks about as well made as I can find with no plastic handles and a nice wooden presentation box. http://www.conrad-electronic.co.uk/ce/en/product/1423354/Bit-set--------iFixit--------EU145260----Slot-Pozidriv-Phillips Oppinions please or recommendations for something else that might be better.
  2. Clean with water, blow what water you can off, dry it, then with a cotton rag rub over it to remove any water stains. You can buy microfibre cloths and other expensive ones but a bit of clean cotton shirt will work just as well for removing water stains. Any bits of dust that do appear off cloth will then blow straight off.
  3. Clean it with water, dry it with a dryer then rub it with a cotton cloth, a piece of old cotton shirt would be ideal, for some reason cotton removes dust without causing static like other cloths do.
  4. 2824-2 hour wheel

    Thanks for responses, tried Jonh Senior but no luck, ordered a height 5 from cousins and will just have to remove .25mm off the pipe, not ideal but a solution. The problem I am having is the one from a 2836 is listed as interchangeable but it has a step in it because in a 2836 it has the plate that keeps in place, the 2824 just has a dial washer with no step. Everywhere I have found it in stock for 2824 when questioned it's actually for a 2836 with the step in it and I don't really want to use a dial washer with the one with a step in. We will see tomorrow when the height 5 from cousins turns up if it's the correct one.
  5. 2824-2 hour wheel

    Has anyone any ideas where I can get a ETA2824-2 hour wheel in a height 4 from, it measures around 1.75mm. Needing it ASAP and don't really want to wait from one getting delivered from abroad. Gleaves and Cousins are out of stock
  6. "Automatic adaptor bridle"

    If you read the comments at the bottom of link it says he took it off an another automatic mainspring. The problem with modern alloy mainsprings is attaching it, it is much easier to rivet or repair an older blue steel type mainspring like watchmakers used to do years ago, but most of these type including new old stock have lost there strength/shape over time and are now useless.
  7. Changing BPH from 21600 to 18000

    If you have a wheel with the wrong amount of teeth/pinions fitted (wheel from different bph) then even if you time it perfect in all positions the watch will gain or loose. When you time up a watch say at 18000bph the microphone is listening to the escapement and in theory will oscillate at 18000 times an hour. If you have a wrong wheel fitted the ratio of the other wheels are turning at the wrong rate meaning the wheels/hands aren't turning at the correct speed, although the timing machine says it's timed up it is only actually confirming the escapement is running bang on at 18000bph because that's all the timing machine can listen too. If you count the teeth on all of the wheels and pinion there is a fotmula to work out the beats per hour, if your answer is not 18000 or 21600 then you have a wrong wheel fitted, it's just a matter of working out which one. Hope your good at maths
  8. Changing BPH from 21600 to 18000

    Presuming it's the same movement just a different train count and the parts will fit I would think all of the train wheel will need changing and possibly the barrel, this can easily be checked by counting the teeth on all of the wheels and pinions to see if they are the same number. The pallet may need changing as well. it is possible to time a watch up perfectly on a timing machine with a wrong traincount wheel in and the watch will gain or loose time even though the timing machine shows perfect in all positions.
  9. Battery for a ESA 942.711 lcd watch

    Hope he hasn't put them wrong way and blown the circuit!!
  10. Battery for a ESA 942.711 lcd watch

    SR41 is a 392 battery as in picture, remember to put them in the correct way as in picture. I just put esa 942 711 into google images to get picture.
  11. To be honest I think it's just a cheap plastic coating on them, Walsh's imported them direct from china for me and then put the remaining ones on their website, I think they are only about £5 each so Walsh will of only paid a couple of quid for them.
  12. I like the idea of the plastic coating that's already on it so it doesn't scratch or put ultrasonic burns on the case's. I have found some plastic stuff in a spray can that I am going to try, I might even try filling the cracked bits of plastic with plastic weld first, not sure how heat resistant it is though, I think I will put the heat shrink over the 4 arms that will be resting on the basket to protect them from rubbing as well like you suggested.
  13. Battery for a ESA 942.711 lcd watch

    If it's the one that takes 2 batteries I think they are size 392
  14. Jewel Cap Springs

    It is possible to remove and fit these Kif springs with a piece of peg wood and a pair of number 5 tweezers but they are very fiddly and as already said you will probably ping a few into space before you succeed, you used to be able to buy the springs in tubes of 10 and they weren't much money if you did want to try, they are like a bayonet fitting.
  15. I tried that last time, it did work short term but didn't last, I think the ultrasonic with the heat gets under it and then it starts to peal off. I wonder if a heat resistant 2 part epoxy paint might do it built up in layers to fill the cracks and then about an inch either side of the cracks to try and seal it and help it adhere to the plastic.