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  1. My 2 pence worth...... It could just be a faulty battery You ideally need a consumption test doing on the movement, every watchmaker that does quartz watches will have a way of testing the consumption, I would suggest you take it to someone local and get it tested if you can't test it yourself. As you already say these movements are very flimsy and the plate can easily be bent, normally either someone putting the wrong thickness battery in or putting too much force on it whilst fitting it. There is a very good chance someone in the past has done this. It may need a service, cleaned and a very fine oil like 9030 on the pivots, don't over oil it or the consumption will be high. If after servicing it the consumption is still high and you are sure everything has been checked, scored pivots, bent wheels, end shakes, etc, I would guess the plate or bridge is bent, this is very common with this movement and would suggest a movement exchange or send it to swatch and they will movement exchange it as part of a service. I wouldn't recommend buying a second hand movement off eBay as chances are you will have the same problem.
  2. Preferably you need the calibre number if it has one off the movement, generally under/around the balance or on a bridge. Probably easier to find balance complete rather than replacing the hairspring.
  3. Currently in Thailand and just been to see this, I know a few members live over there and have probably already seen it but I was amazed!! 5 and a half ton of 20ct Gold,
  4. Not sure about seiko hair springs as I rarely work with seiko watches, but although a magnetised watch tends to mostly gain this isn't always the case with Swiss watches anyway. The time keeping can be erratic in different positions and when the coils are bouncing it can make a watch loose time when on the wrist or in certain positions on a timing machine. I know this from experience, repairing watches is my job and the majority of return jobs that come back to me from customers is due to magnetism, customers leaving Watches on a computer tower or laptop, this is why I am skeptic of these apps where you are encouraged to put your watch close to a phone which is basically a mini computer. Saying all that, I'm not really upto date with these modern apps and technology and am maybe set in my ways, I have only ever seen one timing app for a iPhone and you had to put your phone on the speaker, as a watchmaker this to me just didn't seem right, but that's just my opinion.
  5. Have you demagnetised the movement ? You should alway demagnetise a watch before trying to regulate it, quite often after demagnetising the rate will be better anyway without even having to touch the regulator. Not sure what app/device you are using to measure time keeping, but my opinion and thoughts would be, by putting any mechanical watch that close to a phone or electric devise there would be a good chance it's now magnetised. I have never used or wouldn't use these apps for this reason alone, but I suppose everyone has there own ways and means of doing things.
  6. Have you tried pulling into hand set and pushing back in a few times, a sharp pull from date change to hand set rather than pussy footing about trying to be too careful and push all the way back in, do this a few times, it may be that the hand set has gone dry but doning this can sometimes spread a bit of remaining grease about and sort it out. Could also be friction on cannon or damaged tooth, but worth a try.
  7. That's the same seller I got the dial and hands from, he only had the 6498 version with the second hand in the wrong place around Christmas time before he closed. Cant seem to find anything on his ebay website due to him being away, are these old links from eBay as I can't seem to find them. Is there a price for the one with steel swan neck balance, I do like the swan neck and screws in the balance wheel on these versions although they are a bit more expensive.
  8. Either the bezel at the front comes off to let the movement drop out of the front or there it should all push out of the back. Difficult to tell from photo but are you sure that's not just a movement support ring at the back that's seized in looking at condition of the rest of the case and it all just push's from the fron out of the back?
  9. This is the watch upto now with a cheap Chinese training movement fit to see what it looks like.
  10. Looking at building a watch with the Unitas/eta 6497, either ETA, Unitas or other Swiss branded version. I don't want to use the Chinese version. There is something special about the Unitas to me as I spent 2 years working on it when doing the 2 year WOSTEP course. It will have a see through back and looking at either buying a nicely finished movement or possibly doing something to it myself. The first picture with the Geneva stripes is pretty straight forward do do myself with a milling machine and then Rhodium plate the bridges. These can also be bought at reasonable cost off the shelf. Although they look nice they aren't really something different. The second picture is a Tissot movement, I really like the look of this and would fit in really well with dial and case I have got. The only problem is I wouldn't want the Tissot wording on the movement. I could buy this one and possibly with a milling machine remove the words Tissot and engrave my own name in its place, if I then Rhodium plated all of the bridges I should get the same finish on all plates so they match. I really like the way it's semi skeletonised. The 3rd picture I really like the circular finish on and think it's very different. The problem with this version is that it's also already got a brand logo on it, the blue crown. This would probably look silly if I removed it with a milling machine due to the size and where it is, although an option. I can't find the 6497 for sale anywhere with the circular stripes without this logo. My other options would be to Skeletonise my own basic movement or even do some Geneva spots rather than stripes and Rhodium plate over it. Any other ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. Well done, does the date change at midnight?
  12. The 550 and the 551 are listed as the same reference
  13. Well found jdm, been looking for this for ages. And this is the watch they are putting it in.
  14. I presumed ETA had made a run of these with this Finnish for an order with that logo on, but wanted to know if anyone recognised who's/what logo it was. I have also seen the ETA 6498 movements for sale on a Swiss site with this circular Finnish without the blue crown type logo, but the 6498 doesn't have the sub second hand in the correct place for my project.
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