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    RyMoeller reacted to toptime810 in Completed project watch   
    Hello fellow watch lovers, I have just completed a build from part sourced from various sellers. It turned out to be the best build for me yet and I have really amazed myself and the skills I had to exercise on this timepiece.  I have impressed myself with this one and it is a stunner with a salmon dial. The NATO strap is very lovely on this timepiece.  I apologize for the lack of details on this beauty, Enjoy
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    RyMoeller reacted to Deggsie in Upgraded to Bergeron Ergonomics   
    I just had proper opportunity to use my new Bergeron Ergonomic screwdrivers with stainless steel tips. I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but really worth the premium price. No slip and screws look like they’ve never been removed. The stainless steel blades are still looking like they are fresh from the packet. One spend I’m not regretting.

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    RyMoeller reacted to HectorLooi in Bucket list repair job   
    Actually, I have procured all the necessary tools and materials to re-shellac the pallet jewels. Read up and watched many videos on escapements.
    Probably the only reason for my procrastination is that after many failed attempts, during my moment of despair I prayed to God that he not let me leave this earth till I finished this job. 

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    RyMoeller reacted to HectorLooi in How it all started   
    The watch that started me down this crazy path of watch repair was a Rado Voyager.
    I was never a fan of mechanical watches until very recently. Quartz watches were more of my thing. When Seiko AGS and Citizen Eco-drive came out, I though, "Great! Now I'll never need to change another battery!" Haha. How wrong was I. 
    I acquired this Rado Voyager when my Citizen Eco-drive was in the workshop. It ran great. Accurate to about 1 minute a week. But everytime it rains, then crystal would fog up. And it rains a lot in Singapore. 
    I brought it to several watch repairers who said it wouldn't be worth the value of the watch. That irked me. So I got a sapphire crystal and a new gasket online and proceeded to repair it myself.
    When I pressed the setting lever to release the winding stem, the whole lever disappeared. I turned to Mark's videos on YouTube and was finally able to fix the keyless works. But not after suffering days of anguish. 
    And that got me hooked. There was so much that I didn't know about that thing on my wrist.
    I have spent more on watch repair tools and materials than the total value of my watches. I have even bought a Seitz jewelling set, a staking set and a watchmaker's lathe.
    It's an addiction! BEWARE!

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    RyMoeller reacted to TheFixer in Tesco Shopping   
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    RyMoeller reacted to Narcissus in Rolex 1570 movement   
    Working on something similar. Cal 1556 day-date.

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    RyMoeller reacted to toptime810 in Rolex 1570 movement   
    Finished overhauling this beauty

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    RyMoeller reacted to jdm in Heuer Solunar bezel and caseback needed   
    I suppose that you should contact the official service center about availability of these parts, I think it's unlikely, but one never knows. If parts are available you will have to send the watch in for repair and service.
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    RyMoeller reacted to watchweasol in Latest job on the bench   
    Hi Chaps  just picked up this as a repair job, Not a restoration client just wants all the bruises amd marks leaving as its its life story. This clock has been well traveled and as such and its advanced years isnt too bad. Got some research to do then get cracking 

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    RyMoeller reacted to toptime810 in Vulcain repair   
    Here is a beauty I have been working on
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    RyMoeller reacted to nickelsilver in Two extremes of chronograph movements   
    The microscope is monocular and has a reticle with cross hairs and concentric circles. Objectives can be switched from 10x, 20x, 30x, 50x, and 100x. I use the 50x pretty much exclusively. It has an x/y table with very good micrometer heads on it, ball bearing slides. Easy to get down into the microns. It was a few hundred bucks, lucky find, but they are out there. Lots of different companies made them, Nikon (pretty sure), Mitutoyo, several I forget in the U.S., then the Swiss had Isoma, SIP, Hauser and others. It's super duper handy, I check my pallet stones on it before and after moving them, I find it faster easier and more precise than the escapement meters Bergeon sells.
    For projectors, there are lots of small ones. Similar bunch of makers to above, in the pics are a little benchtop Hauser and a floor standing SIP. I use the SIP, the Hauser is just so pretty I keep it around for its looks. Projector gets used primarily for checking gearing profiles and choosing/making cutters, but it's also useful for getting forms and dimensions from existing parts.

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    RyMoeller got a reaction from nickelsilver in Two extremes of chronograph movements   
    The minute jumper looks fantastic- I think you're a bit had on yourself there! 
    The Longines chronograph movement is gorgeous.  They are rare thing today and I can only hope one crosses my bench eventually.  Lemania's 5100 is well loved because of it's bullet-proof nature.  I've worked on one and was amazed at how easy it was to assemble and also that it required no tuning to get the chronograph function working properly.  It's sad they don't produce them anymore.  The C01.211 is just a shadow of the 5100.
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    RyMoeller reacted to nickelsilver in Two extremes of chronograph movements   
    Have these two on the bench this week, thought it was a funny contrast. The left is the Lemania 5100, perhaps the epitome of industrialization and use of injection molded plastic in a mechanical chronograph; almost the whole chrono mechanism is on the dial side, under an acrylic plate that supports the date rings. Vertical clutch with nylon gearing in it, plastic all over. Extremely reliable however! This one had suffered some sort of chemical exposure in the past, with pock marks in the rhodium plating and harsh staining on the barrel great wheel. Ended up running fine with 11 second delta in 6 positions.
    The right hand one is a Longines 30CH, one of the most beautiful chronos ever made in my opinion. This one was in fine shape other than a non-original, ugly, and nonfunctional minute counter jumper. The one present in the photo is the replacement I made. This beauty had a whopping 16 second delta, and still hit near 270 degrees amp at 24 hours. Amazing.

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    RyMoeller reacted to oldhippy in Jewel Hole Reamed Too Large   
    When using a reamer always take your time and just a few turns and then test. That is the easiest way to go about such a task, If you do not have the type of tools to measure, then keep testing for size.  
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    RyMoeller reacted to praezis in Reforming a hairspring curve - Breguet Overcurve HS   
    it was mainly filing and a bit grinding.
    Origin was a steel tweezers of this type, which I had a lot of:

    Some pictures of the curve tweezers:

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    RyMoeller reacted to nickelsilver in Reforming a hairspring curve - Breguet Overcurve HS   
    OK, here are the bad boys. The curving ones I have go from 00 to 5, the lifting ones from 00 to 4. The example hairspring would be about right for a deck watch- very big, and the largest of both sets worked well. You can see in the 4th pic that the end of the lifting tweezers can be adjusted for the thickness of the spring (red circle) and how far it pushes (screw in blue circle). I just did a simple overcoil, there are many shapes, here the goal was to get the curve to follow one of the spirals more or less imagining in our imaginary watch that would be where the regulator lies.

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    RyMoeller reacted to manodeoro in Seiko Pogue Bezel   
    Looking at your pics (though blurry)  I would say 100% original ...
    1 - no marker on the insert below 60 ... some aftermarket inserts have one but I've never seen an original insert with a marker at 60
    2 - 1m, markers much thinner than 5mn markers ... on 80% of aftermarket inserts all markers have the same thickness
    3 - numbers about the same thickness than 5mn markers (so larger than the 1mn markers) ... typically original IMHO
    I have no idea about the dimple between 75 and 80 but who cares ?
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    RyMoeller reacted to JerseyMo in Timex parts   
    Timex parts?  Who the heck would be crazy enough to buy Timex parts?  Oh yeah, ME!

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    RyMoeller reacted to Graziano in Constant temperature   
    Hi everyone. In Australia we get pretty hot and muggy weather in the summer and I did not want my oils and superluminova to degrade. So I made up storage container for the expensive oils and superluminova.I lined it with aluminum foil from a baking dish. It has a valve at the front for fumes and any needed air exchange. The great thing is the temperature stays around 10 degrees c no matter the temperature outside. It's good to protect your investment from degradation. 

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    RyMoeller reacted to Delgetti in Landeron 248 stopping when chrono function in use.   
    I don't think its about the mainspring but the area of the minute recorder. So I would check everything here:
    - recorder spring too much tension?
    - both bearings (minute recorder and gear) absolutly clean, not oiled and turning freely if blown with a blower
    - engagement of finger to gear and gear to minute recorder calibrated correctly by the excenters?
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    RyMoeller got a reaction from Stevelp in MEMO WATCH?   
    Looks like a Venus 150 or 175 movement.  Good chronograph.
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    RyMoeller reacted to Mark in Update about WRT - Website Images & Other stuff   
    You may have noticed a few changes - I have removed the Gallery section and the CMS pages app from the site as it costs too much to 'rent' those modules with comparatively very little use by members - it just did not make sense to keep them going. I apologise if this inconveniences or annoys anybody but I think it is better to keep the core of this website to be a discussion forum.
    The WRT website is costing me a lot of money per month to run and I am making a few changes to help with that - there is a little income from eBay affiliate ads but not enough to cover the cost of hosting and some help from Patrons and for this we are very grateful. The site has over 30GB in uploaded media now!!! And the notification emails generated is quite high too - I have to use a separate company to handle this so that the site doesn't get email black-listed. One of these services suddenly and without notice stopped our service a few months ago and it was a few days before anybody even noticed (password reset emails were no longer working). I did manage to find a new email provider and things have been running smoothly ever since.
    Getting back to the uploaded media, as mentioned it's over 30GB and this covers images in topics going back several years. I do back this up every night and I backup the site database every hour in order to protect the content should we ever have a disaster I have a Synology NAS here in the office which has a full backup on and I also keep a backup offsite on a cloud service. 
    I have also decided to use Amazon Cloudfront to host all the uploaded media. I am in the process of migrating this content over and you may notice broken images for a very short period during the migration. But ultimately this will maintain and even improve performance of the site.
    Anyway, all being said, this is a fantastic community and I am fully committed to continuing with it's administration, keeping our little corner of the net alive
    - Just a little update to let you know what's happening - 
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    RyMoeller reacted to jdm in Easy out for watch screws?   
    What is to add, is that the water should be hot, at least initially. That accelerates the action of the solution.
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    RyMoeller got a reaction from dadistic in Is it salvageable?   
    Well, I've pretty much wrapped up this project.  The replacement chronograph pushers (buttons) arrived last week and needed a bit of adjustment before they could be installed. As  you can see from the picture below, the shaft of the pusher which acts on the Flyback Lever was a bit long and needed to be turned down on the lathe then re-threaded.

    The lot of Excelsior Park parts which I purchased earlier included replacement coil springs for the pushers which was just perfect as the spring for the Flyback Lever was quite rusty.  The replacement is pictured below.

    I found it was easiest to case the movement first, then install the pushers. While doing this I noticed there was a part missing from the keyless works. Worried that I had lost something irreplaceable, I went back over my images taken during disassembly and discovered the missing bit wasn't there when I started. The missing piece belongs to the setting  lever assembly- although what exactly it's purpose is I'm not sure. Perhaps it provides stability when applying the clutch.  I noted the keyless works seems to function properly without the part so maybe it's just the appendix of an EP40 movement.
    I've circled the area with the missing bit below and added a linked image from the  Watchguy's image archive which shows exactly what is missing.  If I ever do find the missing part, I'll probably have to give my right arm to purchase it.

    I replaced the Flyback Lever and Operating Lever, both of which secured the pushers to the movement.  The Flyback Lever is secured with a left-hand thread shouldered screw. The original screw was destroyed by rust but I found a suitable replacement; it doesn't have the three slots cut into the head so I added a dab of blue paint to distinguish the screw.  I still need to find a large case screw to replace the original which was also destroyed.

    I needed to adjust some of the eccentrics in order to get the chronograph working just right. It's a pity too because those eccentrics had perfect heads on them until they were galled by my screwdriver. That will serve as a reminder to review the section in George Daniel's book on screwdriver sharpening.
    I cleaned up the dial with a bit of water and a Q-Tip but as you can see I lost some of the tachymetre around 3 o'clock from my efforts. The text came away without effort so I stopped any further efforts to improve the dial.
    The Hour, Minute, and Minute Recording hands all had oxidation damage. I scrapped the rust away with an oiler and Rodico and applied a coat of varnish to the luminous paint to keep it from crumbling. I think I could have polished and re-blued the hands (which would have been the "correct" solution) but opted to keep the scarred look; it's a reminder of what this watch has been through.
    By the way- blued steel hands on a white dial is just a fantastic look.  They look black against the dial when viewed straight on, but when the light hits them just right they shimmer with the deepest blue. I tried to catch an image of the effect with my camera but just couldn't do it justice.

    A high dome acrylic crystal completed the job.

    So far, so good.  The movement has kept time for the past twenty-four hours without issue. Once I've found a strap for it, I'll take it out on the town and then make final adjustments if need be.
    I think I got lucky on this one as the water damage wasn't as great as it could have been and I was able to find all of the replacement parts at a reasonable cost.  Only the pushers broke my budget but I'm happy with the new buttons. I still have some NOS parts left over which I can hold onto or flip later to offset the cost of repair.
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    RyMoeller reacted to JerseyMo in IWC Cal 83 - Case Wanted   
    I'm looking to aquire an original IWC case to match with this fantastic watch I have in my collection.  Can anyone lend some advice other thatn search EBay?   Or should I just leave this one as is?
    BTW, I bought this watch for $10.00   Well it was missing the case, the stem was broken and rusted in the movement, the staff was broken.  So I think it was a great deal in the end...

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