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  1. Hi- I am battling a tudor 2784- and the date wheel click (the little hook that engages the teeth of the date wheel)- and the U shaped spring that gives it tension. It keeps flying across the room--I hear a little "tic" sound as it hits the window or my glasses or the wall, and then the hunt begins. Does anyone know the part numbers for those items, and does anyone have a parts assembly diagram for the 2783/4? I have been so incredibly frustrated- these watches (I bought from hong kong) had wrong stems- (they had 2824 stems and I didn't realize there was a difference---there is), and these springs were not tensioned, so the date wheel would randomly move from one number to the next. I can take photos if necessary---in fact- I will--I saved it in libre office draw format- *.odg) (a free office suite- much better than windows by the way). I am also saving it in BMP from my microscope camera- but with no commentary. The broach points to the spring and clicker- and those are what I need part numbers, which direction does spring go, and any help --how to- without losing the spring. A page with the parts layout would be awesome Thanks to all of you--happy holidays and a great 2017 to you and your families/friends. tudor_spring.odg tudor_spring.bmp
  2. You have a 2824 or 2824-1. The -2 has many improvements including a 1 piece spring and set bridge. (that goes on top of the keyless works). The -0 and -1 have separate spring. On the -2 its part 445 (eta part #). Its used in several different eta movements. Ironically I need parts from that movement you have. If you want to sell it or trade it for a -2 let me know. Thanks
  3. HI I know there was another thread that started out with this- but it eventually wandered into polishing a watch/bracelet. Anyway I have two tudor prince. They have eta 2824 inside, but the tudor version- as far as I can tell, there are a few differences- but only on the dial side of the movment- the date jumper, the setting level jumper etc. The real eta is much easier, you dont have the tiny little yoke spring and while there are a few little things to watch for, it almost just goes back together and works without problems. The Tudor version however, is tricky. I cannot seem to get the stem to work right. I can get all of the springs and parts in the right place, and it will work doing some functions, winding, or moving the hands, but maybe the date wheel wont turn. Or the date wheel turns, but the stem comes out, etc. Also I need a date jumper for one of them, does anyone know where these obscure parts are available from? Has anyone had experience getting this to work? Is there a trick to setting the spring, or "forming" (not bending) the spring or some other trick? I want to get this beast back together!! Thank you for your help. I know there have been photo series of this on another site done, but the photos are taken down. I hate to pay 100$ to get this fixed when I can do 99% of it. If I could just get a little advice- I could probably get it done quickly. Thank you in advance. I might do a photo document of the differences in the tudor and eta- would that help anyone?
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