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  1. I'm starting to lean that way, but I have a couple of other pieces I wear more often. I have an Elgin I previously posted that's my everyday watch 80% of the time.
  2. Recently acquired Omega 300m Diver. Waiting for my 565 Seamaster to come back from the watchmaker.
  3. It is a threaded case back. I like the putty/epoxy idea, I'll try that later today and see how it goes.
  4. I do have one of these, and tried the bits with the flats, however, the sides of the case back are thin and I can't get enough of a grip. I was looking at ones similar vintage openers for Mido. Similar style and look more like a crescent wrench. Thanks for posting
  5. Re-posting on correct forum. Need help finding a case back opener for this Polerouter jet I recently acquired. Don't want to scratch it up, so I'm hoping to have better luck here. I tried looking at vintage openers on eBay but no luck
  6. instead of scratching up the case back trying to get at this movement, looking for help. i need help to find the right tool to open this Polerouter Jet watch.
  7. Going to go with Rolex, I have a 34mm Date and it's my go to watch. Though my Connie is a very close second.
  8. @jeffc83 appreciate the welcome. Any chance you looked at your watch? I'm thinking they're either 0.7 or 0.8 screws. Any help's appreciated. Thx
  9. Jeff, I also bought the same watch. Super reliable, and keeps very accurate time. I cleaned the case inside and out and the crystal, it looks like a brand new watch. I noticed, however, that it was missing the movement mounting screws. The ones that keep the movement/dial restrained to the inside of the case. Would you happen to know what size they are? I'm trying to find replacements on line.
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