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  1. Yes - the parts mentioned did the job - easy to do and worked well
  2. Let me know - I have one in a state of undress at the moment (cooper holding collars removed) - I can supply images as required
  3. I have images that can help you - if you follow the set up from the images it should work a for example if you match the wheels and then add the wheels at 04 as shown
  4. Thanks Stuart - I did start with cousins but never thought to back track the replacement thats a great shout - thank you for your help
  5. Thank you guys Stuart - I agree with Don - I have spent hours trying find this - thank you for ID’ing it
  6. Hi guys stuck on this miyota, it has no numbers and odd dial feet placement - out of a very small ladies rotary 13mm x 15.8mm any pointers very gratefully accepted thanks
  7. That was a judgement call with how close I could get to a good timing and how much travel I reckoned I needed many shorter than the guess by a couple of mm I would have had to lengthen it back a bit with the extra length
  8. I have not taken pictures - sorry normally I do but this job required 120% concentration and a lot of lateral thinking the very small pin was very difficult to remove that was holding the HS end in place. Eventually I got it moving and out, but it was not very tapered. i ended up taking ages to reshape it slightly with 2000 grit paper. it turned out it was easier to cut the HS and remove the pin then. obviously I had to estimate the bend to put back into the spring, and then shape it again slightly when back in situ and pinned. the pin was fiddly as hell to get back into place, thank god for No5 tweezers. then checked the shape of the spring again and tweak accordingly I ended up refitting the balance complete and moving the adjuster to give me a visual line for working out the orientation of the pallet jewel, taking it off and turning the collet until I was happy, did that a couple of times. overall about 4 hours
  9. I agree - it’s the first time I have come across an issue like this, in this instance I do not believe there was an issue elsewhere, all else seemed good
  10. They are good thanks, amplitude at 290 and the PE is less than 1.0 now fiddly job but learnt a lot (especially patience lol )
  11. Shortening the main spring has definitely solved the speed issue - thank you for that just fine tuning the beat error now thank you for the inspiration
  12. Currently working on it now, I am convinced someone has replaced the HS and it’s too long - see what happens later
  13. There is no extra weight on the balance, I don’t believe the HS has been changed - but will examine it all tonight
  14. Thanks guys - much appreciated - I will have a look
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