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  1. It is similar - certainly appears to have a design influence
  2. Since then I have also made / converted a set of needle nose jewellers pliers I can not remember the movement - sorry
  3. Danh

    ETA 2892-A2 big date pdf

    Sorted it - this is the correct set up - the clue was in the first image I posted (lol)
  4. Danh

    ETA 2892-A2 big date pdf

    An update - I believe the module is a Dubois Depraz 4500 (possibly the same as the Breitling B44)
  5. Hi all i bought a watch that has been wrongly put together by someone (good price and worth fixing) it has a 2892-A2 movement with the big date chronograph module fitted. the watch was sold as “date not working”, I have stripped it down and got the mechanism working fine - the issue that it came with was the date discs had been put on wrongly which was jamming the change mechanism. would anyone have a pdf that shows the correct alignment for the discs on assembly image of the type of module attached thanks for reading dan
  6. Danh

    Worn non jewel pivot holes

    That would do it
  7. Danh

    Worn non jewel pivot holes

    This is a great topic - thank you all
  8. Danh

    Worn non jewel pivot holes

    Thank you Stuart - most helpful indeed
  9. Hi Guys looking to see if anyone has any advice or any ways of dealing with worn pivot holes. Working on a 1885 Kendal & Dent pocket watch, I am fairly certain that pivot hole size relating in lateral play in the train wheels is causing the movement to stop after the main power has started to release from the main spring Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated thanks
  10. Wow - that’s amazing - thank you
  11. Many thanks all - I will get the files when I get home - very much appreciated
  12. I really appreciate your help - I think that file is on you C drive though or is it my computer?
  13. Not sure - I found that one but not much info on that pdf - the link title Mark posted suggested it was more complete appreciate your help though
  14. Would anyone have the 564 on please, the link appears broken many thanks
  15. Not sure if the PDF is linking properly, so here is a shot to illustrate the likeness of the stop lever