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  1. Thank you for responding. I have tried several batteries i.e.: 377, 364, and it had an AG-4 in it. But, the problem is it does not work. The movement wheels do not move (they are not stuck, since they move freely when I manually advance them), and it has failed the pulse test no matter what cell I put in. I really don't want to remove the crystal (only method to remove the movement), since it is a vintage piece, and I am afraid to break the domed crystal. I have heard that these "Le Jour" or Yuma movements are ETAs but not sure which.
  2. Hello, Thank you for responding...I only wished it was. Unfortunately, that's the cell number someone wrote in it. But it's not a case or caliber number.
  3. I have some photos: The first set are of the Pierre Cardin. The second set are for the Timex Electric. Hope this aids the assistance. One more thing, I have figured out how to remove the stem on the Timex. There is no depression point or screw??? I am afraid to damage the stem by forcing it out. Thanks!
  4. I need assistance, please! I have a Pierre Cardin dress watch without a battery/cell and has no numerical identification anywhere in, or on the case. The only ID type info is as follows: it says "Jour" on the inside of the case-back. On the movement is says "Le Jour" with no other wording or numbering. The questions are: What battery/cell would this movement use? and, What movement might this be? Replacement movement? I have tried to research this to no avail. Then, can anyone suggest a replacement movement for a Timex Electric M cell; once again no case numbers. However, the inside of the
  5. I will try to do it. Thanks.
  6. Hello, new to the site, and already with a question. I hope someone can help... I found an old (vintage) Hamilton LCD watch the P-2 (I think, since it only has one push button for time only) cleaned it up and opened the case. The batteries had been taken out, so no corrosion. I went and purchased the battery "adapters" since this watch takes two of the current 377 batteries now. Put it all back together and...NOTHING. After further examination I noticed that "board" where the batteries reside, was...well for a lack of a better term, rather darkened, as if it went through some heat dam
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