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  1. Thanks JDM… very interesting and helpful. So I am guessing mine is most likely the earlier version 563-1530 that over time has been improved to a coil shape. But since both have the same code (1530) is it safe to assume that if I needed to order a 563-1530 date corrector (without picture or barcode info) it would not matter which version I received? By that I mean, would it fit? Or, is the difference likely to be significant to certain variants of the calibre? – ie one will fit earlier models but not the later models and vica versa?
  2. Thanks for the input guys. Looking at the data sheet, am I correct in thinking Omega has re-modeled part 1530 at some point? The data sheet shows the part looking like a coil, yet my part looks more like a plate. Maybe one is earlier than the other? Since they are not identical parts would you not have expected them to have a different code number? Picture below is what's shown in the data sheet as 1530.
  3. Hi all, Hoping someone can help with my weird dilemma. I have found among my watch parts, what appears to be a factory sealed Omega part labelled 563-1530. If I am not mistaken, that part should be a date corrector but it does not look like I would expect. Is it a date corrector? If not, does anyone know what part it is?
  4. Hi guys, with your help I have now managed to identify the movement... it is a Ronda 705. Now I just need to make sure I get the right height. There appears to be 3 different heights that might work, 0.60, 0.75, 0.95 (all very close)! On Cousins they are referring to "Hour Wheel Height Over Dial Seat" Am I right in thinking this is the height of the centre brass section that protrudes from the movement in my picture? If so, what is the best tool for accurately measuring that height?
  5. Hi, trying to sort this Rotary quartz GB02298/18. Can't see any damage but the coil appears to be dead. Stripped it down a bit in the hope I would find other markings but all I have is Ronda 1 jewel, so looking for some help to source a replacement movement or parts. Does anyone know what movement it is likely to be or where I can find out?
  6. Finally project complete! Just like to say a big thank you to all the guys that helped along the way. Namely, Jdm, ecodec who helped in a different thread when I ran into an over-banking issue and the help offered here. Originally the watch was working fine, bar an issue with the winder which I guessed would be nothing more than the setting lever, so I set out to sort that and also replace the crown with a signed one along with a signed buckle. Since it is a very small ladies watch and was working well I wasn’t planning on stripping it down completely but that’s not how it panned out! Having r
  7. It may well help, that I can cope with... haha! I was not planning on stripping it all down since it was working ok and it is about the size of a penny, but hey ho, it is all good experience. Many thanks for the input.
  8. Cheers jdm, oh heck! Not the answer I was hoping for, but very very helpful. Presumably, in order for it to over bank you are suggesting that one of the above must of happened? At least I know what to look for. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It would help if I could see what I am doing
  9. Hi all, hope you are all having fun with your projects - I was till I hit this snag. I am working on a wee ladies movement and all was going well until I got it back in the case! It was running fine but the crown and hand setting were not right. I guessed it might be the setting lever and when I got the dial off it turns out I was right. The setting lever was broken so stripped out the keyless works, cleaned and lubed, replaced the setting lever and put the dial and hands back on. Problem solved just need to re-case. At this point it was running a treat again and keeping good time. Put it in t
  10. Thanks for your help Stuart... your a star! It would appear I need to brush up on my "searching Cousins database skills"... as well as my watch repairing skills! The only crowns I found were - restricted! Mind you they were a lot cheaper than the ones you found Off I go... to spend yet more money on this ever intriguing and costly hobby!! Thanks again If it all goes to plan I will post a pic of the finished jobby.
  11. Yes I did try the case ref. method but I never found a match. Probably because this watch is dated around 1964, case ref. is 511.184. I spent ages on one of the USA sites but never found a match. Can anyone suggest where else I could try - using the case reference?
  12. Thanks for the input Ishima, yes you are correct it is a dustproof crown. Good point about the hole size! Will have to check that out. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of Omega's will come along a comment, but I don't think I will find an Omega crown to fit as it is a the moment because I think someone has fitted that tube... but I could be wrong?
  13. Hi guys, I am looking to change the crown on this 484 movement back to a signed Omega crown but struggled to find a match. This makes me thing that someone in the past has maybe modified this case to take the crown (unsigned) that is on it at the moment. What do you guys think? Should this case have a tube for the crown? The (signed) crown on the left is the nearest size wise that I have been able to find but is a different model. I am thinking if I cut back the tube I may be able to make it fit. Can anyone see a reason why that would not work or a better solution to my dilema?
  14. Finally, needs a bit of work, so would be handy if I knew the maker.
  15. Still won't let me upload a photo of the movement which is 1.6mb... any ideas why not?
  16. Ditto, great minds think alike, Rogart. It is on a triple train movement that I think came from a mantel clock. Cheers Blacklab. So it might be German? Well that's some progress. The search goes on...
  17. Thanks for the Mikrolisk idea, Rogart. Didn't find anything in S, but a very interesting site. Tried to upload a picture of the movement but it failed. Will try again later.
  18. Nice one Bob! Foreign I got... but can't find anything about the S with what looks like a clock face in the bottom. Hopefully someone will have seen it before. Cheers, Buzz
  19. Amazing stuff... you should write a book Oldhippy before you forget all this intriguing knowledge. Thanks for the pointers, it makes researching things so much easier and enjoyable when you know roughly what you are dealing with. There are two stamp marks but not found a date mark. Which set of numbers are for the length of the pendulum?
  20. That's super Oldhippy. I've had a dig about through my movements and come up with this one. It appears to be the right size but is it the right sort of age as the case? Looks to be a lot earlier to me, at a guess. What do you think? What style of dial would you expect to see?
  21. Yes it has been altered at the bottom. The case stands 11 5/8h and is 8 1/2in w. Inside is 9 1/4h x 5 3/8in w and the dial hole dia is 4 3/8. You will see from the picture that the dial hole is also rebated. Is that common or to suit a particular dial?
  22. Could anyone give me any idea of date for this case? Yep it looks very rough now, but one of these days I would like to restore it. The case work I can handle and will enjoy. Need to source some replacement handles and make a replacement door unless I find the original among my clutter. But, what sort of movement and dial would this Chime clock have had? Any info about the date/style would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Like you, my late father was a clock-maker/watch repairer. I now have, well basically the contents of his workshop. All manner of bits, parts, tools, unfinished projects, watches and clocks that I am enjoying learning about. Sadly, although I always admired his clocks and skills, I had no interest in this fascinating topic until his passing and now or course I am kicking myself for not sharing his passion and knowledge. As you can imagine with 25 years experience his clock skills were vast but his organization could maybe have been a little better. I am quite sure he would have known exact
  24. That is a plausible explanation, OH. Since I can't think of an alternative reason I will run with that for now. Like you say, it would be good to hear if anyone has any comments or ideas. It is most unusual.
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