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  1. Ah, understood. It’s quite hard to keep them centred when you are initially working into the oval. A bit like trying to drift a drill bit. I’ve also made the mistake of over-enlargening when broaching. I’ve done the same on watch cases when replacing pendant tubes which is even worse. Old Hippy makes a good point about the surface area available in your new bush which is probably less than original, and already quite thin due to the plate depth. But for this clock, I’m not sure it matters much. The other factor is the quality of the bush. Some are much harder than others, and some are made of crappy free cutting brass with too high a lead content. Also, they do work-harden if you hammer them. Time will tell how long any bush lasts.
  2. Moose, that’s great work. Well done. I now realise that you were possibly using a fixed size broach/reamer rather than the typical tapered type. I think the latter possibly makes your work easier, especially when you need to use an odd-sized or roughly turned bush.
  3. With the pallets removed, does the train feel like it’s running freely? And how about as you increase the winding power? If the power delivery looks respectable, then I’d check for something else obvious like mis-locking. How do you adjust the banking pins in terms of their orientation? I knocked up this crude little brass tool recently for correcting some banking pins on a JLC. It’s easier with modern movements are you are more or less just uprighting them.
  4. Was the balance working ok previously? If yes, then most likely cause in my experience would be the pivot not seating correctly in the jewel hole. Often the jewel hole chaton and cap jewel position will be the cause. Try removing and re-seating the jewels while the balance is installed (but not overly tightly as you suggest!).
  5. And as I mentioned already, the Sternkreuz equivalent (an ATC) will not make with the case and dial correctly, which may result in a loose dial/movement.
  6. In case it helps, this was a Cosmic which I worked on. PZ5123 crystal. These crystals have a slight lip. That may be what Omega measure in their spec.
  7. It was very nice. If I didn't already own so many then I'd have gone for it. If I'm honest, I wasn't absolutely sure about the case, but you never can be.
  8. I think you’ve missed my point entirely. Be nice to each other. If you have to say something then express it as an opinion and not fact, otherwise you will start to sound like Donald Trump.
  9. I wonder if you realise how potentially insulting this sounds. It’s an emotive subject, so I would try to appreciate this and try not to patronise people and be more tactful. I don’t see it mentioned in the Forum Rules that you must write in English, but it does say: “You are encouraged to be respectful towards other members at all times.” Maybe worth a read.
  10. You can make a burnisher out of a hardened piece of steel by “making” it, which is to abrade one surface. Itv just needs to be harder than the pivot itself. If it was me then I personally wouldn’t bother on a clock like this unless the pivot surface looked rough. You’ve got the tools needed to do the job satisfactorily for a clock of this caliber in my opinion.
  11. Your bush outer diameter will need to be larger than whatever hole you wind up broaching in the plate - bear in mind that you are going to drift the hole into an even large oval than it is already which will increase its diameter. There are different ways to measure how much you need to elongate the hole to re-centre. One thing you can do to give you a rough idea is to poke some vernier calipers into the hole; compare the narrowest diameter to the widest. The difference gives you can idea of how far it may have already worn. You want to elongate that hole by the same amount in the opposite direction. If you can’t find a bush of the correct diameter then I’ll turn you one and put it in the post.
  12. Also, just my opinion, but from looking at your video, the freedom of movement which you are getting from the barrel when turning on its arbor is fine.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if it makes little difference having that score there. It will be a "plain hole" in the jewel, so the walls are flat and parallel, so the ring will simply not touch the jewel. Unless of course the groove is the same width as the contact area with the jewel.
  14. Cousins are generally very good, and dispatch the same day.
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