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  1. In my experience, replacing either the pendant tube or crown will often make it work acceptably well again. Getting parts could be tricky.
  2. Possibly not a bad idea on the cheap. If you are lucky then the metallic detritus will be attracted to the base, or to the paddle. If you are unlucky then it will magnetise the ferrous watch parts which will cause the metallic detritus to become attached to the watch parts. Does it say how many RPM it can manage?
  3. That’s the one. I didn’t post the link to avoid anyone potentially fighting over it, but I guess that probably isn’t likely anyway.
  4. As per title, just wondered if there were any collectors near Great Yarmouth. Spotted a nice GPO clock which is collection-only which may interest someone.
  5. Nice movement, but nothing particularly rare or special. If it were me, I’d try the £6 spring - you don’t have much to lose.
  6. What is the movement caliber, and what is the difference in cost?
  7. Sorry to disagree with most of the comments here, but: Height is 0.8 vs 0.9 - possibly problematic in terms of the spring twisting or rubbing the barrel/cap. Negligible loss in strength. Thickness is 0.103 vs 0.1 - in most likelihood the same. And even if there was 3% greater thickness, it would be negligible and compensate for shorter height. Length is 285 vs 260 - 10% longer. This will make little difference. Might shorten the running time slightly by consuming more space in the barrel and make negligible difference to strength.
  8. That wheel is toast. Glad you spotted it. Hope nothing else is bent. Yes, it has an adjustable stud to reduce beat error.
  9. Where abouts in London are you? I'm over East.
  10. I think it would be fair to assume that if you don't know to wind up a watch before using a timegrapher, then you probably shouldn't bother trying to use a timegrapher.
  11. Yes, I’m referring to the period of the cycle. And I’m not going to calculate that for someone else.
  12. NS, is that the red coloured Greiner soap, the 1:20 stuff? I use that, but I did once lose plating on a Buren Cal 462 which has a very thin plate when using it. If it’s the stuff I’m thinking of, it has added amines instead of ammonia which effectively makes it less aggressive (although obviously the concentration used affects this).
  13. Is the sinusoidal cycle over a period of 60s? 4th wheel?
  14. Just to pass more credit where it’s due: then third comment from WW suggests checking the barrel arbor bearings as these cause tilt due to side-shake.
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