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  1. rodabod

    Question about jeweling

    1. You’ll struggle to get the end-shakes correct and potentially push too far if you just use a staking set. The only time when it can be ok is when you insert a jewel which is to sit absolutely flush with a plate/bridge/cock as you just use an oversized punch. Note that you need different tools for “rubbed in” jewels (setting opener / closer). 2. It’s worth getting hold of scrap movements. Otherwise job lots of jewel selections appear on eBay. Apparently you can buy Chinese-made synthetic jewel selections but the colour may not look correct on your antique pieces. 3. A reamer is just a cutting broach, but in the case of a Seitz it will look short and have a fitting such that it can be held in the tool. A pusher is the end-piece which fits the plunger and is chosen to suit the jewel size. Have a look at an online scan of a Seitz accessories catalogue or similar.
  2. rodabod

    What Could Be Causing Low Amplitude

    Is that entry pallet stone chipped, or am I just seeing oil?
  3. rodabod

    Omega cal.t17 help

    That looks pretty good. You escape wheel may be a bit eccentric, or worn, but if it keeps good time, then it keeps good time!
  4. rodabod

    Omega cal.t17 help

    Well, the rate of oscillation is drastically increased, so if it's not knocking then I would inspect the hairspring for touching anything as it breathes open and closed. Is it very sudden when the rate increases? If re-banking then it usually suddenly happens at a given maximum angle of rotation which will be in the region of 330 degrees. Is your lift angle set correctly too?
  5. rodabod

    Omega cal.t17 help

    Looks like it could be re-banking. Does it sound like a galloping horse when it runs really fast like this?
  6. rodabod

    What Could Be Causing Low Amplitude

    The end shake in the video does not immediately appear bad. However, I’d be more interested to see the balance rim moving rather than the end of the pivot as it’s difficult to judge by looking at the pivot.
  7. rodabod

    Question about balance problems

    My heart sinks when I see marks underneath the balance cock. They are also called “pigs’ ears” sometimes. Very common on anything pre-1960.
  8. rodabod

    Jewelling question

    One thing to check (which you may have already done) is the hole size (which then corresponds to side-shake) when you selected the new jewel. You can simply take the relevant wheel and sit its pivot in the new jewel hole and observe the angle which the pivot is permitted to move from side to side. You can judge this by eye.
  9. rodabod

    Jewelling question

    The action of the punch (pusher) is possibly best shown by Seitz' own drawing:
  10. rodabod

    Jewelling question

    I think the "fake chatons" and general attempts to show off generally dates to earlier in the century when customers were more likely to see the watch movement in the shops, especially if it was a shop-built watch made to order. It was common back then to choose a particular movement and have it mounted in a standard caselike a Dennison model, for example. One other thing you sometimes see is an enlarged cap jewel which is visible when looking at the balance cock, yet the cap jewel fitted to the plate is much smaller. Purely cosmetics to "wow" the customer. Then in the 1970's we have the fight for maximum jewel count, with superfluous cap jewels everywhere.
  11. rodabod

    Jewelling question

    I'd use Nickelsilver's suggestion of closing using a domed pusher in your jewelling set.
  12. rodabod

    What Could Be Causing Low Amplitude

    With crappy amplitiude, I usually start looking at the fast end of the train, and test the balance wheel for freedom and end-shake first: Remove pallets and excite the balance until it starts to oscillate. Does it take a reasonably long time to gradully stop oscillating? Then, with a fine oiler or tweezers, push the balance wheel while static upwards and downwards and judge the amount of shake by eye. If that all looks ok, then remove the balance and inspect the locking/unlocking of the lever.
  13. This is good advice, and a simple test to confirm if the train is stopping rather than an issue with the motion works and the friction coupling for hand setting.
  14. rodabod

    IWC 66 Finger piece.

    Make sure you polish the “beak” on the edges where it interacts with the Maltese cross.
  15. rodabod

    Help needed for some advice....

    Oh, and remember to make it stainless! Most of the material I work with is carbon steel as it’s more common for clock making work.