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  1. rodabod

    Fitting Domed glass crystals

    I’ve fitted domed glass crystals before on some Seikos. I just used my cheap Chinese press with nylon cups. No issues at all. I use the same press for watches worth up to £6k.
  2. rodabod

    soft solder for repairing recoil escapement

    ... just to add, the reason I don’t like it is because it’s more likely to give a dry joint and is harder to work with.
  3. rodabod

    soft solder for repairing recoil escapement

    Avoid lead-free soft solder as it’s crap in my opinion.
  4. rodabod

    Balance wheel truing

    I usually bend the individual arms (assuming a split temperature-compensating balance) by holding the opposite arm and twisting. I thinking supporting by the staff is asking for trouble. The tool is for observing true-ness, but I'm not aware of it ever being used for bending the wheel itself.
  5. rodabod

    The main spring is lossing it moment

    It should not "snap" - it should smoothly slip.
  6. rodabod

    Pocket watch balance poising

    The silver screws are quarter screws which can effectively be used for poise in four positions. You can refer to that website if you want to make adjustments (screwing outwards is effectively like adding weight). But do not change it if the positional variance is already good. Check it dial-up and pendant-up.
  7. rodabod

    Pocket watch balance poising

    It does not need to be poised accurately to keep good timing in a single position which never moves (think of a platform escapement clock). The purpose of poising is to finely adjust the rate in different positions to keep the timing as consistent as possible. Have a look here, as it should answer all of your questions: http://adjustingvintagewatches.com/dynamic-poising-1-3-basic-tasks/
  8. Some earlier watches used garnet jewels which are very easily cracked too.
  9. rodabod

    Pocket watch balance poising

    My first tip would be, it’s a pocket watch, so positional error is less of a problem than with wristwatches. I’d put it on the timing machine first if it were me, and see if it needs adjusting at all.
  10. Also, check the hairspring terminal curve is sitting inside the indexing pins! A common fault.
  11. rodabod

    Omega 26.5 T3

    That looks likely that it would be the same balance as it's non-incabloc. However, the staff is likely to be broken. That watch does not have a different train layout; it has a different bridge configuration and is jewelled to the centre.
  12. If you are UK-based then I can suggest another acid to try.
  13. I agree with Stuart that the dial should be left as-is. The lacquer has yellowed at the edge, and removing this may lift the print. It’s actually in quite good condition. Push out the crystal and see if it contains a tension ring to help determine type. You can use a biro or similar pen with the cartridge removed as a pusher for the driving wheel.
  14. rodabod

    Will not go face when down

    One thing I did not realise is that the second timegrapher photo only shows “good” amplitude because it is immediately when the watch is flipped over to DU. In which case carry on looking for sources of friction such as the balance end stone, balance jewel hole (is it cracked?) and end shake.
  15. rodabod

    Will not go face when down

    Look for a worn spot or pit in the centre of the jewel. But I still think you are most likely to have an oscillator problem as your rate varies significantly between DU and DD. How does the hairspring look? One other quick thing to check is your balance end shake. This can affect the interface between the impulse pin and pallets in extreme cases, but is less likely to be an issue on a newer watch like this.