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  1. Alsal are quite respected if you want to drop into a shop.
  2. I'm not sure the hands on the eBay clock are original - the minutes hand looks a bit short.
  3. rodabod

    Help finding lathe collets

    That tailstock is actually a sensitive drilling attachment. Probably worth around £100. And the cross-slide is probably worth £150 - £200 alone. I find that most 8mm collets are interchangeable. You'll have to suck it and see. Don't bother buying them here or there: just get yourself a decent looking set. If you are planning on making clock parts or tool parts then consider getting some larger sizes too (5mm+).
  4. rodabod

    Opinions on tools

    Someone once said "your tweezers become your hands" since we don't tend to handle parts directly. I own some cheap tweezers and can't imagine having to use them regularly for handling movement parts (or balance cocks!). You need good tweezers in my opinion, preferably something like Dumont. I do dress all of my tweezers, but with the cheaper ones it is a false economy for me.
  5. rodabod

    Vintage Omega help

    That Turler-badged one is beatuful. Completely filthy, but doesn't look rusty. Those movements are not too hard to find, so I'd be more concerned about the dial which looks nice to me. The second dial looks re-painted to me, and that's a non-no for me.
  6. rodabod

    Tap and Die Kit

    For brass main plates with stripped holes, I usually try a screw which is around 0.1mm larger and try to self-tap with the new screw itself. Just add a little oil and screw/unscrew repeatedly while removing any swarf. If you do buy a tap/die set, avoid the (possibly Indian) set in carbon steel which may be sold by Anchor as it’s awful (poorly made, not accurately cut and break easily). Get the HSS set which is possibly Chinese and made by Toolzone or similar for £30 - £40. It’s excellent.
  7. rodabod

    CWC G10 c1997

    Sternkreuz ATC 316. Swap the original satin tension ring into new crystal. You need a good quality case knife to open these which is done at one of the lugs. Look for a lip.
  8. rodabod

    Tag Heuer 1000 Quartz

    That lever is the yoke. It also has two additional legs: one inhibits the circuit when the crown is pulled out, and the other jams (hacks) the wheel in the centre. Using a loupe, look into the movement and pull the stem in and out. You should see the hack lever touch one of the wheels, but only when the crown is out. Also make sure that you did not scratch the coil when changing the battery. That’s a common fault.
  9. rodabod

    amplitude problem

    I've said this many times, but those later Omegas (500 series onwards) have finer pivots are are more susceptible to suffering from the effects of dirty jewels as there is less torque going through the train. However, you mentioned it runs fast, so I would also look very closely at the action of the hairspring to look for any irregularities. Could be bent or magnetised. Is the amplitude the same DU and DD?
  10. rodabod

    Would this barrel hold a new spring?

    Soft solder would not be strong enough for that anyway. If you really wanted to re-use that barrel wall, then you'd possibly move the hooking point to another part of the wall and then hard solder the crack. A waste of effort when you can do a better job by replacing in my opinion. It was quite possibly caused by a previous mainspring breaking as the sudden expansion of the spring can destroy the barrel. Been there, done that!
  11. You have no choice but to correct that spring or replace it. The friction needs to be adjusted sometimes anyway. They run dry, FWIW.
  12. rodabod

    Will the back repair

    Value maybe around £400. The case back could be laser welded, but possibly not worth it.
  13. rodabod

    oiler sizes

    Oils generally thicken, but one thing you can’t tell easily is when they oxidise. They can become acidic which can corrode some bare brass parts. Occasionally you can see signs of this on clock plates where an over-oiling drip turns green.
  14. @Endeavor I discussed lever escapement safety action and testing a little bit here:
  15. rodabod

    oiler sizes

    Personal preference. I only use the super fine black oiler for pallet stones and quartz jewels generally. Red for most 12-ish ligne watches. Yellow for applyling blogs of grease, etc. If the D5 looks ok, then I'm sure it will be fine. My opinion, but I'm not convenced about the short shelf-lives of Moebius oils when they are kept bottled and airtight.