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  1. That's interesting to know. CWC use plain mineral glass on their divers, but it is very, very thick.
  2. As for escapement oiling, perform your own experiments with a timegrapher to observe changes in amplitude and consistency in the trace. It's very easy to over-oil the pallet faces with 9415 - I've done it myself. I follow the BHI's lubrication guide and generally have no issues.
  3. I sometimes find that people (including myself sometimes) over-think some of the finer details, such as types of lubricant. In the mid 1940's they were cleaning and lubricating watches with inferior oils (largely animal fats, vegetable oils and mineral oil) and still managed to get chronometer performance from wristwatches.
  4. I've actually had a sapphire shatter before, never mind a plain mineral glass. That's why acrylic are almost always used for military watches.
  5. More likely to be a bent cock if anything. Ooh err.
  6. No gasket. Measure the rebate dimension and fit the next size up. You should be able to press it in without using a claw.
  7. @jnash I moved the position of one of the metal arms inside to change the synchronisation and it now appears to be spot-on. Thanks!
  8. Thank you. I did jam it accidentally by leaving the hydraulic fluid cup inserted (jams the rotating platform). I will look at re-syncing it as you suggest.
  9. Hi, This Varimatic is new to me. Checking it without the jars installed, it appears to be working, but I’m concerned the heights are a bit off compared to the jar heights. Has anyone else adjusted one of these and can comment on my videos of it operating? I’ve uploaded a video below. I start by holding the button down to advance to the first jar, and then do the same to advance to the second jar. Thanks. https://streamable.com/s/t33od/bzwz
  10. Having a dimple in the spring doesn’t generally matter. What matters is that you get the amount of friction correct. If it’s really concave then squeeze between tweezers. It should drop the amplitude somewhere in the vague region of 10 degrees when fitted.
  11. Can you remove the crown wheel, ratchet wheel, and the associated bridge? Your hairspring looks unwell. I would be looking for a donor movement to help.
  12. I presume you have already read this: https://bhi.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/BHI-DLC-Technician-Grade-SAMPLE.pdf I can probably list the contents without fear of breaching copyright, but it might take a while. I think there is relatively more theory than you may find elsewhere. Certainly a lot of content on the theory of escapements which is essential if you want to be able to fault-find effectively. There are many practical exercises too, which give you all the details you need to know about the techniques required. As far as I understand, you do need to attend in person to sit the exams. Alternatively, just do the coursework and consider sitting it at a later date, or if you are over on holiday.
  13. I’ll keep an open mind. I’ve seen so many fakes before that I always remain sceptical. Also, there are no broadarrow or similar government property marks to be seen.
  14. My gut feeling is that it's a re-printed dial to add some value. That would explain why it has "RAF" pencilled on the back of the dial (why write it when it's printed on the dial?).
  15. You get a lot of fake sector clocks. I'm not sure any ever existed with platform escapements.
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