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  1. Thanks for the offer, very appreciated! But i already had the balance issue resolved. cheers,
  2. Thanks Tmuir. I had completely missed the balance on sale. I will ask my watchmaker if it will do. I think I want to stay away from used movements as long as possible.
  3. Hey, I'm on the lookout for a Hairpsring for a Hamilton cal 770. I've managed to find out that it's a Breguet made from Elinvar but that's about it. Does anybody know the parts number? If you also know where to get hold of one it would be very appreciated. Thanks! /A
  4. I'll give it a go next time if the new mainspring doesn't pop right in. Thanks for the tips.
  5. I watched a video about inserting a mainspring by hand. I can clearly see where I went wrong... I hope Mark can cover this in one of his upcoming Watch Repair videos. I'm going to sign up.
  6. I didn't face any problems with the spring jumping, it just got too hard winding it around. I'm probably missing something with the technique. I'll see if I can find a video on how to do it. The good thing about the k&d winders is that you can adjust the diameter. So the non-standard sizes is not an issue.
  7. I tried winding it in by hand (without having watched any videos on it beforehand I might add). I couldn't do it today. I might give it another go in the future. I would much rather spare my fingers and use the winders though. What type of winders are you guys using?
  8. I'm really surprised how bad my experience with these last two mainsprings has been. I am ordering a new one and will just pop it in the barrel. The next watch on my to do list is a Seiko cal 6139. I have already bought a new mainspring just in case. If I can't re-wind the old one I must clearly be doing something wrong.
  9. There's a always that nervous moment when the mainspring is fully in the winder and you have to make sure it doesn't pop out when removing the arbour. But the problems start even before that. I am experiencing the mainspring twisting and turning while winding it. It doesn't wind up in a perfect circle like the others, it moves around between the walls of the arbour and the winder. Could it be that the mainspring is not high enough for the winder? That the mainspring doesn't fit tight enough between the arbour and the inside of winder (not talking diameter).
  10. It should of course read "Hands-on approach".. (don't know how to edit posts)
  11. I fought for a good 30 min trying to wind it in by hand. But I couldn't get the last 5 cm in. When I unwound it I also noticed the mainspring had taken quite a beating from my on hands approach. So not sure I want to give that another go.
  12. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4... take a deep breath and exhale." Ok, I've calmed down, stopped swearing and I promise not to punch and walls. Mainspring, my mortal enemy why do you keep taunting me?! I feel fairly confident when it comes to disassembling and assembling any type of watch (not including chronos yet). But when I sit staring at that mainspring barrel a voice always whispers in my ear "- Let it be. It's probably fine. No need to disturb what need not be awaken." But I always ignore that voice, I'm a capable man after all, right? Oh the lies, the lies I keep telling myself.. I have
  13. oldhippy > I saw some used complete barrels being sold on eBay. I guess that's my best option if I can't find a new spring. I have searched around but it's a mess finding a site with good information. Ro63rto > I had seen that one earlier but I had hoped to not having to dish out a premium for NOS. $40 is a lot. Thanks for the effort guys.
  14. Has anybody ordered a new generic mainspring for the 6139 movement? I'm not looking to get the mainspring of a donor movement. I want to buy a brand new. I found the mainspring dimensions at thespringbar.com. They should be as follows. I have tried cousinsuk since I live in Europe. But they didn't have anything with these dimensions. Appreciate any help! Thank you
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