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  1. Thanks. I think so too. Is it easy to get the whole date wheel ensemble to replace? More things to come.
  2. Hi folks and pros I have an Asian 2836 movement watch and recently the below mentioned issue surfaces. The watch is working perfectly. But when I rotate the Crown on date set position, the date changes well, except between the 25 and 30. During these dates, I need to rotate the Crown anti clockwise and close wise a few times for the date to change. It does not seem to me that the date wheel is rubbing on anything and I suspect that it is one of the following : 1) the gear teeth on the date wheel is spoilt between the 25 and 30? 2) more lubrication is needed on the date skipping double? Kindly advise please. Thanks More things to come.
  3. Hmmm... Interesting and I did not know about that. Anyhow, how about anything on the chrono issue I have please? Any help? Thanks
  4. Yes. Very highly likely an Asian clone of 7750. I am thinking of opening it up and check the chrono button. If anyone has any advice on what to look out for, it would help and I would be much appreciative please. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi folks I have a cheapie rolex homage with chrono functions. The movement inside is probably an a7750 (opened once a few years ago and can't remember exactly). Recently, I tested the chrono function and the chrono started but would not stop, ie, when I press down on the stop chrono button, no click sound is heard and it does nothing to stop the chronometer. Same thing when I tried on the reset chrono button, no click sound neither. Can anyone kindly advise what can be done by myself (a newbie) or any quick fix please. Thanks a lot. :)
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