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  1. You might be a pocket watch addict... If you pick out just the right pocket watch to wear to a special occasion. If you find the ticking of a watch soothing instead of annoying. If you have ever been asked why you need so many pocket watches. If you've ever had someone comment on how ridiculously heavy your watch is. (sometimes followed up with "how can you wear that thing?") If you love it when someone asks you what time it is, because you get to show off your pocket watch. If you own some pocket watches because they have special meaning to you, but also own some just because they're pocket watches. If you've ever wished a pocket watch could talk and tell you its history. If the bigger and heaver, the better. If you sometimes get up in the morning, and have trouble deciding which pocket watch to wear. If you feel sorry for people when you see them checking the time on a digital wristwatch. If you have ever retrieved your pocket watch from your pocket to check the time, when you don't even care what time it is. If you have ever looked at the speedometer in your car, and thought that it would look a lot nicer with a mint condition, Montgomery dial. If holding a pocket watch in your hand makes you feel a little better, no matter how bad of a day you've had.
  2. Thank you so much, gentlemen. VERY helpful. I'll look into these and let you know how I do. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the help.
  3. I didn't know what suppliers were ok to use. Which do you recommend that sell jewels?
  4. I have a 16s Waltham Riverside pocket watch that needs an upper center wheel jewel. What is the best way to go about getting this jewel? Is there a place I can buy one, or do I have to keep spending ridiculous amounts of money on eBay, hoping to get the right one?
  5. A pretty basic question, but I can't seem to find any advice on the subject. I'm fairly new to watch repair, so I'm still at the phase of asking basic questions. My question is this: I disassembled a pocket watch, cleaned it, reassembled it and oiled it. The next day, I discovered a problem that required me to remove one of the bridges. After I reinstall the bridge I just removed, do I oil the affected jewel holes again?
  6. Using a little tiny bit of oil to hold the piece in place worked great! Thanks for the wonderful advice. Also, I think I solved the mystery of the real purpose of that screw that appears to be doing nothing. It seems to be there to hold that piece locked so that there is no tension on the tail piece in order to allow the stem to be inserted without spring pressure on it. After I screwed the bridge into place, I rotated the wind/set mechanism to take tension off the stem, then snugged the mystery screw down just enough so that nothing moved. After the stem was in, I backed the mystery screw off, the tail piece engaged, and the wind/set mechanism snapped itself into place. Wow, a screw that seems to be doing nothing sure was confusing for a beginner.
  7. Ok, I set up my staking tool to push the jewel out, and before I could even apply any pressure, just the weight of the stake popped the jewel, setting and all, right out of the plate. Now I won't be afraid to do it this way the next time. Thanks for all the help everybody!
  8. Great suggestions! Wow, there's a lot of knowledge and talent on this site. I feel better knowing that it's a comes-with-practice thing and not just me being a dufus. I'll try these suggestions and find something that works. Thanks all.
  9. I'm new at this, and it seems that, more often than not, when I put the hands back on one of the pocket watches I'm working on, the hour hand ends up down against the dial putting drag on the train. What methods do you all use for putting the hands back on a watch? How do I space the hour hand appropriately slightly off the dial?
  10. I truly do appreciate the offer, but with shipping, that would be what I'm already paying, so I will have to pass on the oil. But thanks for the offer, and for the advice.
  11. I might be interested in the 8000. How much are you willing to let it go for? I read somewhere that, if you were only going to use one oil for all pivots, 8000 was the way to go. Amy truth to that? Also, 8000 is a natural oil. Should I be switching to a synthetic instead? Total newbie here.
  12. Ok. I will go ahead and try the staking tool idea. I'll just have to be careful to follow the advice of only pushing on the setting, not the jewel. Oh boy...scary, scary stuff for a newbie.
  13. Are you saying that I can pry up on it without bending or breaking something? I was afraid to try that.
  14. It's already been through the cleaner, I was afraid to remove the screws before the cleaner because I might have to search for the cap jewel if it came out. I tried the rodico, but after multiple tries, the setting didn't even budge.
  15. I have removed the two screws from the sides of the cap jewel setting of the balance in an Elgin, B.W. Raymond 18s pocket watch that I'm working on, but I can't get that setting to come out so I can remove, clean and oil the cap jewel. Is there a technique or a special tool? I'm hoping that I don't have to push the entire hole jewel / cap jewel assembly out of the plate and balance cock just to get the cap jewel off.
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