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  1. Many thanks indeed as I was worried that using the oil would ruin my repairs. I will keep the bottles upside down, and store as advised.
  2. I have bottles of watch and clock oil. Three years. Is it perfectly fine for use ?
  3. just like to say thanks for the help regarding the Tissot battery retainer. Much appreciated :thumbsu:

  4. This item jumped out of the back of the watch when I removed the back. Any help please
  5. replacement of battery in Tissot PR50. Upon removal of back this item flew out. What is its function? I have a feeling it has something to do with the battery, but the battery stays in place without it. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.


  6. what is the best strength for thread lock. I am currently using blue medium for stem extensions and crowns but not sure if its strong enough.

  7. re chart download. I've noticed its the same for all the pdf files posted 2014. I wonder if the server has removed them or perhaps the link has changed? Am completely in the dark about this .
  8. cant download pdf. Wrt comes back with file not found. code 2C327/1
  9. Friend gave me an old cloth to clean my car. The cloth turned out to be a very good cotton apron. Its old but well made. I now use this to protect my clothing and watch parts when I am repairing.
  10. Many thanks for the information Geo. I will get some soon.
  11. Is the stem extension secured only by the thread of the original stem,or do I need to secure it with locknut ? I do realise that when re-attaching crowns locknut is put on the stem. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  12. Thanks transporter, I may get an old shirt and put it on backwards
  13. Thanks for info.just happen to have purchased some too.
  14. What is the best thing to wear when working on a movement ?
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