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  1. A few random summer project pics before I dive back in here;)
  2. @bobm12 Oh my; I forgot folks take vacations/holiday around this time of year! LOL, I keep telling myself that I will take a vacation one day...eh, maybe next year, haha;)
  3. Thanks guys; will be setting more time aside to get here as much as possible:) I did my best to convince the man to sell me that Fortis but he wouldn't budge, lol. That one was a stunner! @oldhippy I thought of you a few times this summer when working on a few alarm clocks, especially this 8-Day Alarm That's one that took me quite some time to get all the parts for but was worth the extra effort! (some early shots attached) Okay and the Waterbury too;) Something about these clocks really got me going! Next up is a Bulova Travel Alarm and Seth Thomas Mantle Chimer.
  4. Not that anyone would have or should have noticed, but I completely stopped coming to this site since the beginning of July. I've had lots of projects going on throughout the summer and I feel bad but since I started selling vintage watches and offering services, my journey here on a daily basis has ended....to the point that I forgot about it for a good minute:( I am aware that no information can be listed here from other sites so all my time has gone into sales and service versus posting tutorials here. I miss coming here to chat and will hopefully have time soon to reflect back and possibly do a few tutorial/service walkthroughs for everyone. They do help you guys, correct? lol Favorite project this summer was a customer's watch -> 1960's Fortis sporting an ETA2622. He reported that it didn't work; go figure. The winding plate was pretty much GONE; the stem chewed through it! Was very exciting stuff but the re-lume and case restoration were the most exciting!
  5. Absolutely stunning! I lean towards these designs quite often, beautiful!!! (I'll need to keep my eyes peeled for one) Today, this is what I have on (past two days too, lol)...60's Helbros that had to be re-cased. The original was corroded and lost half the chrome plus it had a Square UFO, which was kind of odd for such a nice dial. This worked better IMO, very pleased with it!
  6. I always think about who owned it, where it traveled, how long it was used before it was discarded, etc. Would be awesome to be able to find out the past life of some watches! Thanks for the compliment. I will also keep my eye out for Seiko Sportsmatic dials during my searches.
  7. @Cad101 I feel your pain, I have three in that state as well. This project turned out well IMO, wearing her today:)
  8. I was hoping @oldhippy would get a picture of a quartz for some reason....I'm a little disappointed with their response to him;)
  9. The most shameful part is the lack of research on the sellers part. Why sell something that's a guess?
  10. LOL, you beat me, you win, I give in! (I posted someone else's earlier of a "just serviced" watch) Priceless! Any bets on if it will be returned? lol
  11. Well said my friend! When I do part with my watches, (not yet on the bay) I will offer to include progress shots of my work along with a Timegrapher reading. If the customer says "yes" and wants an explanation, I have it for them:) Those India deals were fantastic at one time! (6 dollars plus shipping for a brand new case and 17 Jewel Chinese Movement) I bought a bunch of them but not for the watches; I pulled the movements out and rebuilt them with genuine vintage parts. One became a Waltham, another a custom Timex, etc.
  12. I felt the need to post this because one, I thought it was funny and two, I hate seeing people lie just to make an extra buck. I'll let you all be the judge; is this Ebay seller a watchmaker or did they REALLY have this serviced? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Bulova-17-Jewel-Wristwatch-New-Black-Leather-Band-Circa-1960s-Runs-Great/361565931184?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D36897%26meid%3D438858c36b524826b45a2e1b71850fdb%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D371630873507 Well, she had me until I saw "battery", LOL
  13. Well said, thanks:) I was devastated when I went to service it. The original owner decided to pull the hairspring and balance "partially out" and wrapped it around the click spring. (was a mess) I had a replacement movement so I swapped out the calendar works and voila, el' cheapo watch that I enjoy! (heavy too) Only downfall is my date wheel, which I'll repair along with the second hand. (was missing, will find a good one for it) Love that bellmatic! I'd imagine that alarm is noticeable;)
  14. This is funny. Although I'm not wearing a bellmatic today, my date is skewed as well on this cheap pin lever diver watch. Amazing, lol.
  15. Lol, I'm not a moron;) I'll sell off the good quartz watches and I give the others away when people order from me. I was kidding about the Smashing, I've only smashed watches way beyond repair:D
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