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  1. measuring the original crystal would work, if you have some calipers for that. otherwise like oldhippy said look for the case numbers
  2. congrats, wish you all the best
  3. LoL ... yeah i will do that. i am a jeweler as well so my hands get dirty with rouge. but i work on the watches usually at home at my dedicated bench for watch repair. a little cleaner environment
  4. i checked the cannon pinion and it seems to have a little rust on it! would that cause the problem? and how do i clean that? thanks
  5. thanks for the input , i will check that today[emoji1303]
  6. Hello I have a ladies Omega Seamaster from the 80' Cal. 684 that i cleaned, oiled and installed a new mainspring in it. it is running 12-15 min slow per day. I will put a picture of the amplitude screen shot. i am new to watch repairing so any help and suggestions welcome. Thanks, Omar
  7. welcome to the forum, and just as a suggestion take your time and watch and read a lot. It will help you decide on the right tools to buy. It can be done by hand and since you only use it a few times a year, i would wait to find a good deal online, and you can always post pictures asking if a particular winder you find would work well for your needs. ~Omar
  8. i'm glad i don't live in Miami Raleigh NC is much safer i guess
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