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  1. is does....do you think a seiko 6601A mainspring would work in my movement....thanks
  2. I have not pulled the dial as of yet...here are some additional photos..thanks..
  3. can you please tell me the maker of this movement...I need to order parts and I can't seem to find the manufacture thanks
  4. I checked and the path is clear. This afternoon I will check the weight placement and report. Thanks.
  5. I am having a terrible time with an AS 1315...I can not get the rotor to get a full swing between bumper spring...it holds fast at the spring (upper in photo) closest to the balance..it will not swing down toward ..lower spring in photo...any help would be most appreciated...is it my placement of the rotor?....thanks...
  6. can anyone possible tell me the maker of this quartz movement....thanks...
  7. perfect....thanks so much.....2430 cell and ready to go....thanks again
  8. I am looking for advice on how to open this Skagen caseback....short of using a coin to try and remove it.....well..if it works I'll do it...help please...thanks...
  9. WONDERFUL!!!!..I added a bend to the spring as you recommended and it is working beautifully....THANKS!!
  10. I did check the friction spring, it has a slight upward bend, putting pressure on the underside of heart cam, forcing it into the jewel...would you suggest removing the spring and increasing the bend?....thanks!
  11. interesting problem with a valjoux 7730....timing well...all is good except for one item...when the upper pusher is depressed to stop the chronograph runner the hand falls...this only happens between 07:00 and 011:00....I notice that the runner is not stopped by a brake and the heart drops toward 06:00 when vertical and the upper pusher is depressed to stop the chronograph hand...the hand is tight on the runner...why does the hand fall?...thanks
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