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  1. Help for mineral crystal size

    Hello The crystals are arrived and the size 33,1 is perfect. Thank you to all for the help .
  2. Help for mineral crystal size

    Thank you to all for the help. I go to order to Cousins and I let you know when I receive the two crystal .
  3. Help for mineral crystal size

    Thank you for your reponse, but it is fixed with the gasket, I take a new measurement and is right 33.00 with the gasket mounted. Here the pics. How is the right size to buy ? Thanks for the help. Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Hello to all . I have to change a crystal broken in an Eberarhard watch to a friend. The watch is arrived with the crystal broken and when I removed it with the press, it cracked completely. Now with a digital calipher i measured from 12-6 and 9-3 and with the gasket plastic the size is 33,05 and without the gasket the size is 33,65. Wich is the correct size to buy the crystal ? The crystal is a simple mineral flat thick 1,10, and I find to that but I'm not sure for the diameter seize, I thinked 33,20 But please help me with an expert suggest. Thank you