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  1. As far as making money goes I just sell what I can to feed the hobby/addiction, I am not into collecting, the hobby for me is getting them living again, that said I have about 80-100 of the usually the less attractive one's with less than perfect dials and so on that I don't consider good enough to sell. On average I think I am slightly behind with regards to sales opposed to expenditure, but that is just for the watches themselves, with what I have spent on tools and equipment I am in a deep hole, and if I factored in my time as money I would be far behind the eight ball. If I can sell enough to keep buying stock I am pretty happy, I am not into any high end watches, mainly run of the mill Seiko's, Citizen's, and Swiss models, I don't work on other peoples watches, I serviced a few for people I had sold to but didn't enjoy the experience, if I am working on watches I own and have a disaster, I have a parts supply, if it happens with someone else's watch I have a Catastrophe.
  2. I have been successful using vinegar (ascetic acid), it eats the steel just make sure you don't get any important steel bits submerged as it could damage them as well, leave it in the vinegar over night or until dissolved.
  3. I'm with you, I have worked on quite a few quartz Chrono's, that doesn't mean I enjoy the operation, and this one looks like a real PIA all those pivots to try and get lined up, as well as the mechanical linkage for the chrono operation, and Dials and hands always brings sweat to the brow, to my mind the dial makes the watch and one slip - I can't bear to think about it!
  4. Thanks clockboy, I have the service sheets for the movement, and it seems on this movement you have to access the keyless works from the going side of the movement, and it appears you have to remove the train bridge to get to them. Trying to find something about the movement holder is my main worry. If I thought I could work from the back side without having to remove the dial and hands it would not be too bad, but the chrono seconds and minutes pinions have to be removed early in the process, and like the 6318/9 mechanical chrono's you need the special holder to avoid damage when refitting the chrono hands.
  5. I am looking for Info/help with a Seiko 7L22 movement, I acquired one in excellent condition however the stem pulls out when you go to set the time, and when it is pushed back in will not restart the movement. I thought I had it sorted, but it is a continuing problem, so it seems something is amiss in the keyless works, I have the parts and service sheet for the movement and looking through them it seem to access the keyless works you have to almost completely disassemble the whole shebang, including the train bridge. Can anyone confirm that this the case? Or is there an easier way to achieve this? The service sheets say that it is difficult to service this caliber without the special movement holder without damaging it, I can see it would be touchy especially refitting the chrono hands, all in all looks like a **BLEEP** to work on, the train seems to have more wheels than a 747 and is an area I am not keen to delve into. If anyone has photos of a stripdown of this movement it would be helpful the exploded views in the service sheets leave a little to be desired in clarity. Does anyone have have the Seiko special holder for this movement? I have not been successful in tracking one down, if you do have one if you could provide some accurate measurements and photos I may be able to 3D print one. This movement doesn’t even show up in Seiko list of tools, I have been searching the net, you tube and every other source I can think of, posted the query in several forums and got no replies, search of the net brings plenty of articles about the “Iconic 7L22 Movement” and other praiseworthy articles about it but nothing of use. Any help will be much appreciate, particularly info on the special holder, I figure I am going to have to go cold turkey and just dive in and hope for the best. It just seems strange that so little info is available on this model/calibre, I know it is considered obsolete, but they are still selling them new out of Singapore, or somebody is into clones! Seiko SNL001P1 7L22-0AA0 A few photos of the victim, from the scratches in the area of the stem release lever it seems somebody has had several attempts to fix it, a dodgy operation considering the proximity of the generating coil.
  6. I can't be certain it was Seiko, this was over a year ago, but in any case it was negligent packaging, that is one of my main bitches with Cousins is communications, the web site like all automated complaint handling system covers every situation but yours, and no eMail address. I wrote them a letter protesting their decision which they failed to answer, and you have little comeback because of the terms of sale you have to agree to to have your order accepted.
  7. There are still quite a few watches with this calibre about, do an eBay search: An example here is one from India, yeah I know, but the watch is cheap enough and it is running so you aren't risking too much. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/VINTAGE-NIVADA-17-JEWELS-HAND-WINDING-ST-96-MOVEMENT-MENS-DIAL-WRIST-WATCH-A245/202216872961?hash=item2f15109c01:g:71gAAOSwzilZ3N8m
  8. I have dealt with Cousins quite a lot, I am in Australia and there are no suppliers of watch parts here so I have to shop OS, I general my dealings with them have been positive, except for one instance, I ordered a balance complete for a Seiko I think, when it arrived packed in a little plastic box bound up with sticky tape, I didn't even have to unpack it to see I had a problem. I have never seen a balance packaged as badly as this and I still have it to day still cocooned in its box and sticky tape. When I contacted Cousins this is the response I got .
  9. Hi, there is very little info or data sheets around for Orient, I will try and link you with my Photobucket album of the strip down of a Wittnauer 2000, the movement is actually a de-rated Orient 429 movement, it may help you as it is a step by step disassembly of the movement. If you strip yours watch out for the shepherds crook springs it has a few and they vanish in an instant if you aren't careful. http://s38.photobucket.com/user/Ausimax/Horology/Wittnauer/story
  10. Hi, That diagram refers to the 6139-6019 case, One of the problems with Seiko's is that if someone uses the wrong case back it screws up the whole identification . I have a 6139-8030 and it doesn't have a rotating dial ring, this is the sheet for it - may help.
  11. They only work when setting the day/date, I don't oil them.
  12. Turn the screw to adjust the timing it is an excentric screw and you will see the levers either side of the screw head move in the + or - direction. The arm at the red arrow is the stud used to set the beat error.
  13. This may help it is from the Seiko Casing Guide and refers to your model
  14. Are you sure the caliber is 2614b? Not 2416b? If it is the latter this link may help. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f54/vostok-2416b-service-notes-240805.html
  15. Complete barrels from 6119c series fit 6139A movements and I am reasonably sure they fit 6138 even though they have different part #s.
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