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  1. Yes that's about it. Just bear in mind not only how you will use the tank now but in the future too. You may find numerable other uses for it.
  2. The "Cavitech" function refers to a special setting for degassing the cleaning fluid pror to cleaning and also the facility for setting the machine to half power for delicate items. The heating function is desirable if you are using the machine for multiple short cleaning cycles throughout the day as it maintains whatever temperature you have set the machine to rather than allowing the fluid to go cold. I still pre-heat my fluids before pouring it in to the machine as the heating power of the tank alone is quite small.
  3. The model I went for is http://www.allendale-ultrasonics.co.uk/2-litre-ultrasonic-cleaner-cavitek-digital-controlled-tank-heated-bath-allendale.html although in retrospect the cheaper non-Cavitech model would have sufficed. Make sure you order the appropriate basket too whatever model you go for.
  4. It looks like a Chinese generic model although I can't be certain. Even if it is it does not mean it will be a poor performer. I use a similar looking model from http://www.allendale-ultrasonics.co.uk/ and I am very pleased with it. Maybe if you are to use it every day for long periods, then you should look for a seriously industrial bit of kit, but for the times I use mine for clock and watch parts it has never let me down.
  5. CAMRA member myself, but I sadly can't make Newcastle. Have a great time.
  6. This method will disable all notofications for all sites, so be aware of that. In the Firefox address bar type "about:config" without the parentheses then press "enter". You may be presented with a dire warning of the world ending or some such like. Press "OK I'll don full protective headgear" or whatever and press "enter". In the search box type "dom.web" and find the line "dom.webnotifications.enabled". Double click on it and the "true" will turn to "false". Restart your browser and the nags have ceased. Mark posted the above just before me and his solution seems the better option as it disables notifications only for this site. Thanks again Mark.
  7. I like the new layout, but it took me a while to work out how to stop the constant nagging asking me if I wanted notifications in Firefox. I had to allow notifications then block them. Great stuff though Mark. Many thanks for all your hard work.
  8. use a selection of these. They err ... hold oil and have lids. Anything else needed? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/oil-pots-single-cups-indian
  9. You certainly can. https://www.cousinsuk.com/search?SearchTerm=screws+for+watch+backs
  10. My recent "thing that went ping" was a barrel click spring from a lovely vintage Sekonda ladies watch. I try to avoid working with these tiny movements as my old eyes are past their best but as I say it was for a friend. I didn't realise that such springs would ping so efficiently! I never ffound it but I had a spare scrap Sekonda movement which was cannibalised.
  11. I'm by no means an expert, indeed a novice, but did you clean and grease the mainspring? I've had a previous problem whereby the movement appeared to be "tightening up" at unpredictable intervals. I subsequently cleaned and greased the mainspring (which I should have done first time round!) and all was well.
  12. Thank you for the suggestions. My apologies for the belated response but I am only now back in circulation after the most gruesome chest infection I can remember. I will spare you the gory details. I have decided to leave the Sindaco for a while. I may come back to it at a later date, but I reckon I have spent sufficient time on it now and it has taught me much. I have a fair few battery chages for friends pending and an interesting if relatively simple click transplant from a donor movement to another friend's ancient Sekonda. I also have a clock service/restoration on hand (much more my usual fare). Please bear with me if I need to ask further daft questions.
  13. The saga of my Sindaco jump hour watch continues. I have now completed the full strip, clean and re-assembly having spent many hours re-shaping the damaged hairspring. The watch now runs well face down and on any side. However it stops immediately when face up. The problem is that the pivot on the cock side of the balance staff appears to be slightly too short, or the jewel hole too deep which allows the shoulder of the staff to contact the face of jewel when orientated face up. The pivot show no sign of breakage so I can only assume wear in either it or the jewel hole. As the watch is of no great value with a poor quality movement, I don't want to spend a deal of cash on it so I would invite suggestions. How feasable is it to replace the jewel? How do I set about getting a jewel of the correct dimensions? Thanks in advance.
  14. Many thanks to all who have responded with offers and links to information. I have greatly surprised myself, but after over eigteen hours (not at one sitting!) I have succeeded in re-shaping the hairspring and the Sindaco is at this moment ticking merrily away albeit as an ebauche at present. I found I did not need to disconnect the spring from the stud but I did remove the collet from the staff. This was the first time I had attempted to do this and it wasn't as tricky as I thougfht it would be. Replacing it was a tad fraught though! The majority of the time taken was in assessing the spring after each tiny adjustment, and many times I had need to "undo" a previous tweak and replace it with another. Boy this was some steep learning curve! Now to persuade Mrs Spandrel I need a timegrapher.
  15. Thanks for the information and photographs. Sindaco/Jaguar certainly produced some "different" watches. If I can't reair the movement in my Sindaco I will try to hunt down a replacement (although I have no idae where from!) but I would like to have a real attempt at sorting out my hairspring. It will be a while as I am just getting over a horrible dose of some infection or other and I haven't been at my bench for a couple of weeks.
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