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  1. Thank you all for your helpful comments. Rob
  2. Thank you jdm .. the movement is a Seiko 7546. Not many on Ebay.
  3. Thank you for accepting me to the forum. Rob
  4. Hi to all members, I am somewhat of a newbie to watch repairs ( battery replacement stage ). My question is I bought a Seiko sq quartz watch from a charity shop and when I opened the back I noticed the old battery had corroded, so I gently brushed the area with a soft toothbrush, proceeded to change the battery but still not working. Any advice welcome. Rob
  5. Hi, hobbyist level and keen collector.
  6. Hi to all members, some advice wanted on removing the back off my Omega quartz watch, Problem is that the back has no notch for the removal of the back plate. Any advice welcome. Rob
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