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    stroppy got a reaction from MrBeat in Watch of Today   
    Very 70s!
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    stroppy reacted to bobm12 in Aldi Brand Watches (Kripple Co. "ascot" And "sempre")   
    I haven't been much around either and wow, stroppy! Not one surprise I will miss! I'm glad you are recovering and are back with us. Just take it easy and don't stress much.
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    stroppy got a reaction from oldhippy in Identification please   
    Oldhippy you are just the best!  I am in awe of your knowledge in this area.  I wish I had this level of expertise! 
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    stroppy reacted to oldhippy in Identification please   
    It is a 8day 5 pillar Longcase Clock, known as a Grandfather Clock. It has rack striking and an anchor escapement. The movement is almost  complete, its missing the bell and nut, two pulleys, pendulum, dial, hands, seat board, screws to hold the movement to the seat board and case. A five pillar movement puts it above  as just being ordinary. One other thing about this one is the escapement is set quite low down the train. It has been repaired in the past as you can see on the inside plate for the pallets, this was undertaken a very long time ago as you can see by the colour  the brass matches.   The makers name would have been on the dial. We can still put a date to the movement by looking at the pillars and they tell me 1660 to about 1740 and it most likely had a brass dial, I can't see all of the hour wheel pipe but what I don't see is a pin or a protruding type pin so this tells me it didn't have a calendar therefore I expect the brass dial would be 12inch square. The movement has recently been cleaned and the screws polished.      
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    stroppy reacted to jeffc83 in Watch of Today   
    Absolutely stunning!  I lean towards these designs quite often, beautiful!!!  (I'll need to keep my eyes peeled for one)
    Today, this is what I have on (past two days too, lol)...60's Helbros that had to be re-cased.  The original was corroded and lost half the chrome plus it had a Square UFO, which was kind of odd for such a nice dial.  This worked better IMO, very pleased with it!

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    stroppy reacted to anilv in Watch of Today   
    Hi guys, staring a long weekend here in Malaysia so took the opportunity to clean the carbs on my bike.
    Had a Movado Kingmatic on my wrist and took it off while I was working on the bike. 
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    stroppy reacted to Cad101 in Watch of Today   
    Recent charity shop find nice Sekonda 21 jewel duel power M2 movement needed a service bad but is now running sweet.
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    stroppy reacted to WileyDave in Watch of Today   
    latest find, Borel, Ernest Borel, have not gotten back off yet to id movement, hoping it's a 25j eta, of all places found on clist... I know....clist?
    running fine and overall good shape, date wheel needs attention, big enough for my old eyes to read.
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    stroppy got a reaction from anilv in Watch of Today   
    Very 70s!
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    stroppy reacted to anilv in Watch of Today   
    Wearing my latest aquisition..
    A Seiko 6602-8060 hand-wind.
    Pretty good condition considering its 46 years old. Dial is good, ditto the hands. Case back still has the circular graining / machining marks. Strap is aftermarket.
    Watch seems to run fine now so no plans to service it any time soon. These 6602 movements are really nice and capable of excellent timekeeping!

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    stroppy reacted to ro63rto in Watch of Today   
    Been wearing this since I got it.
    It looks to have settled down as it seems to be keeping exact time to my satellite receiver's display.

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    stroppy reacted to Don in Watch of Today   
    I serviced this watch a long time ago, but it needed a new case and then I had trouble with the movement rattling in the case. I just got around to finishing it last week. Now I can wear it!
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    stroppy reacted to Cad101 in Watch of Today   
    Finally found a cheap enough donor AS1916 movement to get my 1970's ELGIN up and running. I've had it in under glass on my bench for the best part of a year  But at last she's up and running

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    stroppy reacted to svorkoetter in Watch of Today   
    And now at the airport, waiting to board ...

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    stroppy reacted to svorkoetter in Watch of Today   
    On the train from Lund to Copenhagen Airport, on my way home ...

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    stroppy reacted to ro63rto in Watch of Today   
    This 90's Accurist while I listen to the thunderstorm

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    stroppy reacted to ramrod in Watch of Today   
    Today, it's a Bulova Accutron. I got this a few weeks ago, and it runs like new......well, it's about -2 seconds a day.
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    stroppy reacted to ro63rto in Watch of Today   
    Thanks. Seems to be keeping decent time so far.

    8 hours on my wrist yesterday and again today plus dial up overnight and it looks like it has only lost around 30secs.
    Bought a "matching" accessory today

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    stroppy reacted to ro63rto in Watch of Today   
    Pizza money from eBay.
    Just needed to remove a hair from the hairspring to work.

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    stroppy reacted to Cad101 in Watch of Today   
    Today I'm wearing this recent bay purchase a bit of a mess when bought and now in running order a 1912 size 0 class 320 7 jewel ELGIN. Serial No 16397025 for those interested.
    I will be doing a service walkthrough on this in the near future so look out for it.
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    stroppy reacted to Cad101 in Watch of Today   
    Nice Tissot you have there indeed. For me today its my old Helbros.
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    stroppy reacted to anilv in Watch of Today   
    Wearing a Tissot hand-wind today...powered by a cal 27-2. Most of the Tissots from the 50s were in base metal cases, this one is in stainless steel. Dial is in pretty good shape as well, hand could be better..

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    stroppy got a reaction from DouglasSkinner in My Evolving Shop   
    I agree with OldHippy...don't go for carpet.  Personally, if I was setting up a workshop I'd have black linoleum put down on the floor.  If a part hits the floor you'll see it straight away.
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    stroppy reacted to jdm in First smart watch Circ. 1800 !!!   
    Not chinese! It's a De Cuppari Gianfelli Staceppa!
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    stroppy got a reaction from ro63rto in Aldi Brand Watches (Kripple Co. "ascot" And "sempre")   
    Thanks for all the kind wishes...warms my (slightly faulty) heart.  All this just reinforces my very high opinion of everyone in this forum.  All great people and the friendliest forum on the Net.
    Roberto... If your family has a heart problem history then getting your own ticker checked out is a good idea.  The 24 hour monitor will show up stuff normal ECGs often miss, being that they are only a sample taken over the course of a minute.  In my case I was just plain dumb and pig-headed ... a typical Aussie bloke.  I have had symptoms for the last three years which I ignored because they would often go away of their own accord.  So being a typical Aussie bloke I thought, "She'll be right...no worries...just keep on keeping on."  Yeah, sure!  
    I was VERY lucky.  I had just dropped my dog off at the Vet for her regular physio treatment (following her ACL surgery) and the attack happened while I was at the reception desk!  The vet receptionist and nurses freaked out and the vet came racing out to put me into the recovery position whilst an ambulance was called.  Anyway...it all ended okay.  The ambulance arrived within five minutes...they stabilised the heart and took me off to hospital.  I was more worried about my dog and who would look after her.  As it turned out, I needn't have worried...the vet looked after her for the two weeks I was in hospital and didn't charge me a cent for kennelling her being that all the nurses and the vet really love my dog.  How good was that...what wonderful people!
    Roberto...be mindful of any symptoms and always see a doctor...don't follow my silly "ignore" lead.  In my case there was NO pain.  I just couldn't breathe and then I blacked out.  Spooky! 
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