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  1. Here be geniuses (apart from me...novice! ). You will learn much here.
  2. Oldhippy you are just the best! I am in awe of your knowledge in this area. I wish I had this level of expertise!
  3. I love all those 60s Swiss watches with the cryptic brands. I still have my dad's "Grimsel" 21 jewel watch with the perspex dial and thin movement. Works just fine. The only major change in the last few years that I have really liked is the move to Hardlex-style crystals which are less prone to scratching. Having said that, the perspex ones are easily treated for scratches with a bit of judicious polishing with a good white toothpaste, a slurry of baking soda or plastic polish.
  4. OldHippy is right...the name is "Masgreave". What appears to be a lowercase "f" is actually the way "s" was written in that time period.
  5. I agree with OldHippy...don't go for carpet. Personally, if I was setting up a workshop I'd have black linoleum put down on the floor. If a part hits the floor you'll see it straight away.
  6. Thanks my friend but it's all of you guys that make this place top notch. There is no finer forum on the Net.
  7. Thanks for all the kind wishes...warms my (slightly faulty) heart. All this just reinforces my very high opinion of everyone in this forum. All great people and the friendliest forum on the Net. Roberto... If your family has a heart problem history then getting your own ticker checked out is a good idea. The 24 hour monitor will show up stuff normal ECGs often miss, being that they are only a sample taken over the course of a minute. In my case I was just plain dumb and pig-headed ... a typical Aussie bloke. I have had symptoms for the last three years which I ignored because they would often go away of their own accord. So being a typical Aussie bloke I thought, "She'll be right...no worries...just keep on keeping on." Yeah, sure! I was VERY lucky. I had just dropped my dog off at the Vet for her regular physio treatment (following her ACL surgery) and the attack happened while I was at the reception desk! The vet receptionist and nurses freaked out and the vet came racing out to put me into the recovery position whilst an ambulance was called. Anyway...it all ended okay. The ambulance arrived within five minutes...they stabilised the heart and took me off to hospital. I was more worried about my dog and who would look after her. As it turned out, I needn't have worried...the vet looked after her for the two weeks I was in hospital and didn't charge me a cent for kennelling her being that all the nurses and the vet really love my dog. How good was that...what wonderful people! Roberto...be mindful of any symptoms and always see a doctor...don't follow my silly "ignore" lead. In my case there was NO pain. I just couldn't breathe and then I blacked out. Spooky!
  8. Many thanks, my friend. I used to be very easy-going about my health but after this experience I've decided I like breathing!
  9. I've used Blutak in the same way some people use Rodico. It worked, for the most part.
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